When Qi Kang stepped forward to hold Cao Junhui,Fang Runde recognized it。
Mainly because Qi Kang is so easy to recognize!
(In this chapter I said there is no water,Do you believe?)
033chapter:So young
Lin Dong naturally knows who Cao Junhui is。
The original owner can say that this person has a deep resentment。
But I feel inferior in the face,I have to say it’s sad!
Seeing Cao Junhui go crazy,Lin Dong naturally understands what’s going on。
But he is not the original owner,Even if I don’t want to have any emotional entanglements with Wan Ruo,I don’t want to make Cao Junhui happy。
Moreover,Cao Junhui is not a perfect match,Follow this rich second generation,It won’t end well。
But Lin Dong won’t do it,Because it’s not necessary yet,Although I want to take the opportunity to beat Cao Junhui。
But considering that,He knows he can’t make trouble here。
He doesn’t care,Relying on strength to mix circles,But it’s not the same,You can’t bear the negative mark just after debut。
Her appearance and temperament is to follow the route of a cold girl。
Once there is an emotional entanglement,Scandal between ex-boyfriend and third party,The third party is a rich second generation,Then really ruined。
It’s okay, those entertainment jokes can make up stories。
He started singing earlier,A lot of people are making videos,Still shooting。
Can clearly see,One by one the gossip fire was lit。