After the nurse finishes the injection,Qiao Yiyi walked out in a hurry,Vibrato:“Why is there no response??”
“Don’t worry,Just injected,Won’t work right away,Wait at least ten minutes!”
Anina glanced at the time,Said,“If it works after ten minutes,Just another injection!”
Mo Xiaosheng walked to the window of the isolation ward with a solemn expression,Looking at the pale Luo Yilin inside,Clenched his fist tightly,Arms trembling slightly,Although his face is indifferent,But I was very nervous。
First0575Zhang cooks porridge to make up the body
“it is good,Then you wait outside,I went in to observe Yilin’s reaction!”
Qiao Yiyi was relieved when she heard Annina,Take a solemn look at Mo Xiaosheng,Then went into the ward again,Drew the curtains directly。
Because she needs to observe Luo Yilin’s skin condition,So it’s not easy to be seen by people outside。
“ink,Do not worry,Miss Luo will be fine!”
Anina saw Mo Xiaosheng’s face solemn,Comforted him softly。
Mo Xiaosheng nodded gently,Very heavy,he knows,He has asked Dou Xinyi to give Luo Yilin the shock of the world,This is the last life-saving stitch,If Luo Yilin is immune to this serum,Then I’ll be regarded as Da Luo god,It’s useless!
By the time,In addition to watching Luo Yilin die,There will be no other way!
Ten minutes passed in a flash,Qiao Yiyi in the ward has not yet come out,Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help feeling a cold sweat on his forehead,Asked anxiously at the door:“Yiyi,How is the situation?”
quickly,Qiao Yiyi ran out quickly,Happy brow,Said excitedly:“Worked,Worked!Yelin’s rash is receding at a speed visible to the naked eye!”