Pacers can never win!
But the fact is before their eyes,There is not enough time left in the fourth quarter3minute,But at this time the difference between the two teams has come to double digits!
Cavaliers first,Walker behind!
Pacers lead Cavaliers11Minute!
3Minutes,Points difference11Minute.This backwardness is definitely not small!
On the bench,The Cavaliers are silent,No one speaks,No one knows what to say.
This situation.Beyond their expectations。
“Cough,”David·Blatter coughed,Broke the deadlock,“LeBlanc,Do you have any advice?”
James’s mouth twitched,This time you ask me?
How do you think i should return you?
When I want to be a family, you stingy and refuse to let me,This is just great,You have no idea and ask me again,I’m not your father,Where did the solution come from?