I also called Ye Fengchun.,Let Ye Fengchun be prepared early。
Ye Fengchun also didn’t think that Gong Hongyu will be so heavy.。
“Gong brother,Is Jin Xijie not still in the hospital??You are anxious?Just because they investigate you a wave,You are afraid of?”
“Ye Boss,not like this,I feel that I will definitely be found in the problem.。”
Gong Hongyu said this is a bit an emergency。
“What can I find out??”
“Let’s wait a few days.,I haven’t thought about it in these days.,After all, I want to do more than me.。”
“I once http://www.sztcpzcwvrssxx.cn opened,Then they are the benefits of sitting on the fishing,Understand?”
Ye Fengchun’s words let Gong Hongyu are speechless。
“Ye Boss,If you don’t do it in these days,After waiting for Jin Xijie,Then there is no chance.。”
“Jin Xijie did this person, but it is very spicy.,Especially there is a person behind people.,That Li Hui is not a good man,!”
“okay,I am ready first.,Time when you do,You remember。”
Ye Fengchun thought,First put the bar income in the sac, is not。
“rest assured,I have already prepared it.,As long as you do,I have a certain cooperation here.!”
“Oh?All fake wine is ready?”
The first thousand four hundred seventy-one chapters do not trust
“rest assured,I am ready.,Guarantee one quasi。”
Gong Hongyu listened to Ye Fengchun to prepare,He is also exciting。
After all, as long as the bar http://www.wei0511.cn is closed,So great probability will fall into the hands of Ye Fengchun,At that time, it is his.。
Working for Jin Xijie,He prefer to work with himself.。
“Row,Then I will call it in the past.。”
Listen to Ye Fengchun so urgent,Gong Hongyu is also rushing to block the road:“not now,I am too anxious now.!No business now。”
“You wait for someone to people,Then find someone to come over and report it directly.,That kind, I have nothing to do with Ye Lao.,No one knows that Ye Laojia is involved in。”
“At that time, you can not only pay attention to Ye Lao Gong.,Jin Xijie is back,It will not think that someone wants to start to clean up him.。”
“but me,It is the darkness of the boss.,I believe this bar is definitely a boss of Ye.。”
Say this,Gong Hongyu is also laughing。
Ye Fengchun heard that Gong Hongyu was http://www.headcq.cn also smiling:“Good,I didn’t expect you to have such a subtle policy.,Row,Then follow what you said.,When people in the afternoon,You send me a message,I will send people to the past。”
“Row,Then congratulate the boss in advance.。”
“Do not,Be happy,Gratifying!Ha ha”Ye Fengchun is also very satisfied with Gong Hongyu’s compliment.。
The same, he also understood the reason why Gong Hongyu is so selling.,It is also the idea of doing the bar.,But how can he give the entire bar to each other?。
He is not a good man,Just use the other party,He directly income the bar in the bag。