This is the first time in public places this year.,It is also the first time to speak throughout Suzhou.。
No one dares to ignore。
This is the influence,The influence of born blood and bones。
“Thank you, give me face.,There are places where it is used in the future,But please talk。”
Summer arches,Then look at Liu Qingqing,“Let’s go。”
Liu Qingqing’s face is full of gentleness,There is no strong woman’s gas field at all,Be well,Have a summer arm。
Yao Yu and the moon have more complex。
“Remember my words。”
Go for two steps,Summer twist staring into Zhang Haoran in a stay,“in three days,Don’t roll out of Qinghai,Then tell your family in advance to get the corpse.!”
The sound is not high,Even very clear。
But all people in the field are all thicker.。
No one thinks that the summer is kidding。
Some things in the past,His powerful and cold blood have been proven to。
One is connected to Zhang Haoran,pity,mercy,ridicule……Waiting for the expression。
This guy is not good,Dare to provoke this big devil。
Looking for death!Zhang Haoran’s face has a young white,Continental blood,Gluten jump on the forehead,And the eyes of the twinkling。
I have already left anger。
He doesn’t know why summer is。
But never dare to talk to him like this.,Never!He is the Department of Zhangjia, Southwest China,There is no one dare to have some sorrow in front of him.。
One moment of everyone in the field。
The people in front of them have no threats。
And the gaze of the road。
Important,All efforts made by these time,All-in-law。
For him,It’s just a shameful humiliation.!“Hahaha!”
He smiled,It is anger to the extreme。
Then thumbs up in summer,“good,good,Really let me know,You have a kind,Dare to threaten me……”His teeth bite,The cold eyes are like dripping the venom,“I won’t leave Qinghai,Don’t say three days,I will not take it for three months.,I have to see how you can take me.……”The sound is abundant。
Summer is too lazy to get carefully,Have the arm bendered by Liu Qingqing,Rating straight away。
This begins in Zhang Haoran,Instant angry anger。
I now explode,“Aren!Your special code is a blind man or a deaf!Give me out!”
Fall into the voice,The gate is moving,Take one person。
This is a man with a strong body.,About 30 years old,Step by step to summer。
Every step is like a fertilizer,Slightly。
Several steps,Stop,Blocking in the summer and Liu Qingqing,No face。