Say this,Zhao Xiaoli twist the wrap。
Looking at the waist of the swing,Tight roll round,And the bold words,Li Hui Feng feels that it is one night that is bloody tonight.。
Zhao Xiaoling originally wants to send his own sister,However, it was rushed back by Zhao Xiaoli.。
“Xia Ling sister,What do you want to tell me before??
I was interrupted by my scorpion.。”
You find it.!”
Zhao Xiaoling did not think that Li Hui will discover these。
Originally she thought that Li Hui’s attention would not notice her.。
I didn’t expect or I was found.。
“Hey-hey,What is the relationship between Ling Sister??
Can I find it??”
“In fact, it is not a big thing.,Just recently Ye Double Double In Managing this Branch,What seems to be in the layout?,I originally wanted to intervene,But I don’t have this shares inside.,They have,So many things I don’t know。”
Li Hui, listen to this,There is a little doubts in my heart.。
Ye Shuangzhou is going to cross the river?
probably not。
After all, the other party did not walk before the bus,That is a big anchor,And the year is a small problem。
It is possible to enter the year.。
“Do you have any other questions?”
“I don’t know anything else.,I am just a payment account,The account is no problem.。”
“Xia Ling sister,thank you,I will go to the town first.,I will give you a door at night.。”
Finish,He ran directly。
Zhao Xiaoling heard that Li Hui Feng said,Instant shot,Then it is the red ear.。
She is clear, knowing what Li Hui Feng is.。
Just didn’t think that Li Hui Feng actually in front of her.,This makes her are shy again and surprises.。
After all, Li took the wind to her.,It also proves that the other party is completely made as himself.。
Thinking at night,She also took it directly from the sexy underwear bought from a treasure.。
This is still Zhao Xiaoli teaches her.,Just buy back, she has not been embarrassed to take it out.。
Now she feels that I can try it.。
Before he was afraid that Li Hui Feng took her as a woman who did not check.,But now she suddenly didn’t worry.。
Li Hui Feng does not know what feast is in the evening.。
He directly went to the town party committee to find Ye Double boat。