However, this result is no unexpected.,Because when he just came back, he saw several experts in the roots of the peach tree.,But for the bugs inside, these experts can’t solve it.。
I have studied when he was observed.,These bugs have a strong regenerative ability,Just like it, it can be used as two as long as the nutrients of trees can survive.。
As for the so-called insecticide, it can be said that it does not work.,Unless the trees can absorb the pesticide agent,Just like this, I am afraid that the original trees can’t survive.。
“Zhou boss,You mean this?”
“hehe,Xiao Li brothers,Not,Listening to your suggestion, I have found the source now.,And after several experts,I feel that these bugs are easy to kill,And they promise to add up to thousands of dollars to save my fruit wood base,So Xiao Li, you have some expensive.,I feel can’t afford it.。”
Said that Zhou Shengjie took out a red envelope that was prepared in advance from his arms.。
“Thank you Xiao Li brothers to find the source,This is a little bit。”
“Zhou boss,Although I am not a gentleman,But it is not a small person,If you say, you are naturally an calculation.,Your red envelope is even,Since Week boss finds experts who can govern your base,Then I will not bother.,I will leave my phone number for you.,Weekly boss is always looking for me.,remind,The next time I find my price will double.。”
Li Hui said that he will go to the door to the door to make a piece of paper and a pen.。
But Zhou Shengjie is not going to see.。
Thinking of yourself in this year almost in a young man,He is very annoyed。
Sun Yutiren naturally saw that Li Hui Feng and Zhou Shengjie’s scene。
He knows that Li Hui’s plan to make money is definitely a soup.。
But he doesn’t want to let Li speak in the wind.,I have been scored by the other party, I remember it clearly.
“Professor Zheng,You said that these bugs will be difficult to kill.?”
Professor Zheng is full of silver hair,Double eyes,His heart is also no bottom,But there should be confident that he is in front of him.。
“Um,This is just invertebrates.,It is not considered that the bug is actually,And I just observed it.,Such a small invertebrate as long as you get some pesticides 100%。”
Sun Bingren listened to this,I am very happy in my heart.。
“Professor Zheng,Is that this whole base wants to recover at least 12 million??”
who said it?
Several we have just studied it just now.,Thousands of dollared insecticides are irrigated.。”
“Still Zheng Professor, you are honesty.,Previously, those who found these base seedlings said that they had to spend 100,000.,And still the lowest price,The most critical actually is still his own insecticides and what life fluid,You said this black heart is not black。”
Listening to Sun Yiren,Zheng Mingshan feels that there is a chance to find yourself to set up a high-yield.。
“This is too dark,who is it,You find out,I must jointly join us for the old guy to completely unemployment in the agriculture.,Make money, you have to take it.,The farmers are not easy to make money.,Still so black,Do not solve such industry cancer is really sorry for me to stick to me for so many years.。”
See Zheng Mingshan excited look,Sun Bingren knows that he will wait for the opportunity.。
“Professor Zheng,That youth,It seems that I have to pay with Zhou Shu.,I found that your presence is ready to escape.。”
I hope to the fingers of Sun Yutire.,Zheng Mingshan saw Li Hui Feng at a glance。
At this time, Li Hui also explained with Zhou Shengjie.,See the other party disdain,He also doesn’t have much to say anything directly to buy a seedlings otherwise.。
Buying a seedlings here will definitely not be cheap,discount,He must naturally choose a reasonable seedlings base.。
“youth,You wait。”
Just when he was just ready to go,But I suddenly heard someone called him.。
“youth,Why do you have to learn??
This cultivation of seedlings, which is not a farmer?
Why are you so black??
I am actually 100,000 questions that can be solved by thousands of pieces.?