This special……Who dares to believe?
Wu Xiuxiu and Xue Qing have opposed an eye.,I have seen the incredible colors in the eyes of each other.。
Two consecutive people,Twice,Use a big spray,It’s thinking about it.,It is a little terrible.。
“Xuan Ge,You can force you.!”
Wu Xiuxiu couldn’t help but erected a thumbs up,“I thought you were blowing cowhide.,Now it seems,Your technology is really high!”
Xue Qing is also the same,Completely conquered,“Shen Xuan,sorry,I misunderstood you,You are a true game master!
Two people worship eyes,It is a bit embarrassed to do Shen Xuan.。
“This is nothing!”
Shen Xuan shook his head,Tangible。
“Xuan Ge,You have no equipment,Search each other’s equipment?”
Wu Xiuxiu Lihua said。
Search equipment?
Shen Xuan asked under the consciousness:“How to search?”
Search equipment?
Shen Xuan’s problem,I will ask Wu Xiu Xiu and Xue Qing.。
Game masters will not even?
This is impossible!
“I have a look!”
Shen Xuan also felt the embarrassment among the air,I quickly walked to the two bodies.,Take a look,If you know how to make someone else。
“I thought you really won’t.,Scare me!”
“that is,It turned out to be deliberately opened us jokes.,You a game master,How can this so basic thing?!”
Xue Qing and Wu Xiu Xiu saw Shen Xuan search for equipment,Suddenly, it will be relieved.。
“Xuan Ge,You are all 啥 啥?”
Wu Xiuxiu asked with the mouth。
“Pick his big spray,There are also a few boxes of bullets!”
Shen Xuan smiled,Say:“I have twenty-five bullets.,Have enough。”
“Isn’t there anything else??”
Wu Xiuxiu is speechless,What is the use of so many coil bullets??
It’s hard to go to the final circle.?
“What is drink?,I didn’t take it.!”
Shen Xuan casually swayed,“You said that this person is also fun.,Play a game,What drink is there?,That cola can not drink?”