Four types of yoga help you lose weight fast

When it comes to losing weight, you can’t help but mention yoga.

It can both beautify the body, exercise gently, and consume at the same time to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Today, I brought 4 yoga moves to you who love beauty, to help you lose weight quickly.

  1. The front lunge of the left leg is announced forward. Take a deep breath and slowly put your feet to the position of your hips and stomach, and then gradually extend forward. You will gradually approach your extension and keep this position still. 10second.
  2, horizontal lunge prone, slowly inhale, the upper body slowly rises, legs open, trying to be 180 °, feet open the body and slowly press down on the ground until it is close to the ground, and slowly exhale.

  3, return to the half-bow position to the oblique downward position, then slowly lower your right leg, move to your chest, make a half-bow position, but be sure to maintain a good center of gravity and not let your body forwardIf you want more difficulty, you can insert your shoulders in front of your wrists, bend your elbows, and try to raise your left foot into the air.

  4. Return to the oblique downward position in combat mode, keep your right foot in the middle of yourself, then slowly raise your two arms, focus on the right foot, and the left leg is also slower backwardLift up slowly, at the same time, until your right leg is level with the ground.

Straighten your arms forward as much as possible, with the toes of your left foot down.