2015 All-Star Main Event East-West Start List (Full Version)
From February 14 to 16, Beijing time, the annual NBA All-Star Weekend will be antiques in New York.The annual All-Star game is always full of highlights. Although this year’s star pointed out that he changed and changed because of injury, and Howard’s star with its own highlights also regrets losing, but throughout the weekend there are gimmicks like the most luxurious three-point game in history.And those fans who do not pay attention to the Hawks finally have the opportunity to take a good look at the Eastern Spurs in front of the TV.  So, let’s take a look at who is the starting tier one in the East and West of the 2015 All-Star Game?All-Star Game Eastern Conference Starter Wallorie LeBron Grand Gasol Anthony East Substitute Millsap Butler Teague Horford Kowal Irwin Bosh West Starter Curry Harden Thompson Little Gasol Lillard West替补  德克考辛斯阿尔德里奇杜兰特维斯布鲁克邓肯保罗