Ba Tian gave a cold snort,Wield the colorful bouncing guns,At this moment all the guards fell on the spot,The door of the Li family was cut in half at this moment,The wall of the Li family collapsed at this moment,The passersby seen in this scene are incredible,The pinnacle Li family will be ruined at this moment。
At the moment of destroying the gate,All the strong who left home have come,Looking at the nine spirit rings on the famous quote in disbelief,See this moment,Each of them gave their own martial arts to resist this terrifying energy,And Li Qi came out arrogantly,When I saw Batian,Ugly expression in the eyes。
At this time, the Li family walked out of two Title Douluos,Looking at Domineering with a heavy face:“Your Mightiness,I don’t seem to offend you, right?,Look at your martial arts soul, right?,When did we provoke you when we left home,Please tell me,Our Li family will definitely check it out,Please give us some time。”
“Today Li’s family has no distinction between men and women,The young and the old can kill me,Haven’t been so angry in years,I thought it would win people’s hearts like this,And you beasts actually killed so many men, women, children, and extraordinary children,Are you still human?Today you all have to die for the undead to repent,Seventh Spirit Ability,Soul Reality!”Tyrant roared, the colorful soul-breaking gun in his hand also suddenly lit up at this moment,Thunder and lightning in the sky,The terrifying aura suppressed them, the pinnacle Titled Douluo is not something they can handle.。
“not good,Quick withdrawal,Tell the hostess to go quickly!”One of the Title Douluo shouted,He knows he can’t fight against Tyrant,Overlord has been famous for many years,He deeply felt that terrifying power,In clarifying one’s body,Even if my soul power can’t be displayed at this moment。
And at this moment,Your whole family is already in chaos,Everyone wants to go out,But the power of this sense of space in the sky,Immediately suppressed them,Weak people all burst into death at this moment,And everyone deeply feels the feeling of death,That cold feeling filled the whole body,Make them unable to breathe,And Li Qi also scared his pants at this moment。
“Quick withdrawal,Ninth Spirit Ability,Petrochemical Vientiane!”
“Ninth Spirit Ability,Sea of stars!”
Two titled tops at this moment,At this moment, all cast their ninth spirit ability to resist the energy of the riot in the sky,Fight for time to escape for your people,But how could Ba Tian give him this opportunity to rush to the two quickly,Rushed directly to a level 91 title,The soul-breaking spear in his hand pierced fiercely,That 91st-level Title Douluo didn’t even have a chance to react at this moment,Was pierced by the soul-breaking gun,At this moment he felt that his vitality was declining rapidly,But he is of no avail,Why is the soul-breaking gun so famous?Why it can become a top martial arts soul,Because it is difficult for the enemy to repair the damaged body after it hits the enemy,Finally died slowly。
“Youngest!”The ninety-fifth-level Title Douluo looked at the second child who was penetrated,He yelled,But to no avail,At this time the second child is already dead and can’t be dying。
“hateful,You are a devil,I want you to die,Seventh Soul Skill Martial Soul Real Body!”A giant elephant appeared behind him,This is his Martial Spirit Mammoth Colossus,Although he is Li Jia Keqing, he has lived in Li Jia for fifty years.,A time。
“You all have to die!”Ba Tian gave a cold snort,Blink and disappear in place,The ninety-five-level title immediately watched the movement next to him,He felt a deep fear,That icy feeling instantly filled the whole body。
And at this time, there are already corpses all over the country away from home,With the power of terror and the oppression of the soul-breaking gun,No one can escape and no one can escape,This is the pressure that the best martial arts brings to people,Even the ninety-fifth-level Title Douluo has ten martial arts spirit power at this moment.。
This Tianyu also felt that he looked at the Li family with corpses in disbelief,Looking at the murderous Tyrant,Such a gentle and lovely man,Today it will take everyone’s life like a demon。
“Tyrant, what are you doing, do you know what you are doing,This way you will die,You can hardly become a god,If this continues,You can’t become a god at all!”Tianyu roared。
At this time, Ba Tian didn’t have time to answer Tianyu’s words.,Staring closely at Li Qi who is kneeling on the ground,And that Title Douluo also fell to the ground at this moment。