Especially about anonymous report her tax officials,To this extent,I definitely caused attention to the relevant departments。
Liu Qingqing has not done these,Not afraid。
but,The investigation itself is a problem that does not solve,Will definitely cause hits to Baihua Group。
Even now is now,Baihua Group’s stock has been falling。
If Liu Qingqing and Baihua Group have been investigated,The speed of stocks fell, I am afraid that it will be faster.。
If this is not good,Baihua Group will face an extremely dangerous situation。
This is never a joke。
After a series of discussions,Liu Qingqing clear voice echo in the conference room,“I can tell everyone.,This is a commercial competition for our company.,There must be someone behind the scenes。”
Toned,Also,“Although we still don’t know the identity of the opponent now,I hope everyone can take care of it seriously.,Go all out。”
High-level rows。
Liu Qingqing is deeply breathing a breath,Also,“if……If I was taken away by the discipline inspection department,Qinling replaces my position,take full charge of,Exterior……”She looked at Luo Qianjin,“External maturity,I will give you a thousand gold.。”
NS 888chapter Ning death
When the summer is learned,Already near noon。
A day,He is ready to add in the office.。
Or the moon gives him a call。
Since the moon moves the company headquarters after the Qinghai,Summer is only seen in a seater.。
Although occasionally call each other,But do not meet each other。
So I learned everything from the mouth of the moon.,Summary is a bit surprised。
Even if he doesn’t understand business.,I know that this is very uncommon.。
Not a morning,Let things fermented to the point where people can’t work,That only one may。
Someone operates all behind the scenes,And the energy is very。
It is completely,In the summer, I thought of it.。
White forces and status,It is completely capable to do it in extremely short time.。
If this is the case,They still don’t dare to retaliate themselves.,Put Liu Qingqing as a goal。
“Brother,actually, I……I still have something to tell you.。”
The sound of the moon,It’s just a little hesitation between tone.。
Summer is strong,Gentle road,“What’s up。”
“Is such that,Just call you.,I received a person’s phone.,Longfei’s grandfather,Longteng cloud。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,Immediately,“What does he call you??”
“He apologizes to me,And said that it was regretted that there was no confinement.。”
Some of the state of the moon,Fully confused,“He also said,Since the last time you leave the birthday,Dragon home has a thousand feet,It has been suppressed in all respects,He invited me to talk about good words in front of you.,Let summer not doing the dragon……”
This is the main reason for the moon to call the summer.。
After she is finished,Summer does not respond immediately,Wrinkled with eyebrows。
When he went to Qingcheng,Big trouble,It’s even more killing season red.,Later, I will no longer pay attention to this matter.。
But before going back to Qinghai,Su Xiaoxue is a mouthful,Said that summer red dress will clean up the dragon within the rules。
What did you do?,Summer is completely unaware。