“Ah!What a jerk,The burden on my body is so heavy,He dared to gather a crowd to play cards when he was at work,It seems that when he met me, the head of the township had done it all”Xia Jian said very angrily。
At this time,Guo Meili rushed over with the camera。Xia Jianyi gestured,She took it。
After Guo Meili took a few shots,Xia Jian took the two women and opened the door。Their appearance,No doubt these people were taken aback。
Which guy with the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks reacts quickly,He http://www.coilnail.cn came over in one step,Shouted loudly:“What do you guys do?Why are you here??”This guy said,He stretched out his hand to push Xia Jian。
Xia Jian had a fire in his heart,He couldn’t help but reach out,This guy took four or five steps,Almost hit the table,The whole house is dumbfounded。
“Mayor Xu!It’s fun to play!”Xia Jian walked over in two steps,Said quietly。
The fat guy sitting in the upper head has a trace of displeasure across his face,Then asked in a cold voice:“What do you guys do?What did you want to do in the meeting room of the township government without permission??I can tell the police station to arrest you”
“Ah!You have a reason for playing mahjong?”Donna said angrily。
Chief Xu stood up,He has a big belly,I looked at Donna from head to toe a little bit fascinated,Suddenly he smiled and said:“Who am i,It turned out to http://www.tutechangdaogou.cn be President Tang of Mida Trading,Disrespect!But don’t forget your identity,Even if Mr. Wang comes out,She didn’t dare to care about our Hongchuanhe Township Government”
“Mayor Xu!You may have misunderstood,What are you doing really don’t care about our business,But why the resort’s land acquisition payment has not been resolved yet?”Xia Jianqiang suppressed his anger,Questioned loudly。
Xu Xiangchang asked with a cold smile:“who are you?Dare to run here to take care of this?”
“President Xia of Venture Group,You don’t know!”Guo Meili said loudly from the side。
Xu Xiangchang’s face changed slightly,Immediately regained his arrogance,He said slowly:“Xia Jianxia!Indeed heard,If I remember correctly, we still met,But I heard that you have resigned?Why are you still involved in these things,Isn’t it just too busy?!”
“Mayor Xu!President Xia really resigned,But now I was invited back。He is talking to you today,Completely represents the startup group,So when talking,Please pay attention to your words and deeds”Guo Meili said unceremoniously to Mr. Xu。
The mayor Xu was furious when he heard that,He slapped the table and yelled:“Did you make a mistake,I am the head of a town,Pay attention to words and deeds when speaking in front of you,I don’t pay attention?”