Vascular almost blocked, you did not feel?

When a blood vessel blockage less than 70%, the human body without any feeling, when more than 70% blockage advanced stage, the body will have a bad feeling。According to the degree of blockage of blood vessels crossing, generally divided into: early jam: jam clogging the mid-30% of asymptomatic: 50% of asymptomatic blockage blockage late: up to 70% blockage symptoms Many people think, and only when old, only with worry about our veins。
As everyone knows, vascular plaque becomes large, it accelerates from 30 years of age, plus people to live more and more tired, less healthy eating, exercise less and less, unwittingly accelerated blood vessels aging and damage。
Experts advocate: as soon as possible "support" the vessel, is better than the old to "cure"。
On each square centimeter of human skin on the distribution of blood vessels meters long。Good people looked particularly comfortable vessels: arteries dynamic, large vessel diameter, wall smooth, soft, flexible, ability to pump blood strongest。
Some people can not help but worried about the direction of the blood vessel, like a home water pipe, with a long period of time, the pipe wall is necessary scaling, rusting, gradually leading to the water supply pipe is blocked from。
Blood "scale" refers to cholesterol and triglyceride, they are piled up in the vessel wall, formed as a yellow gruel-like plaques, over time, decreased force of the blood vessel wall, the blood flow is blocked, eventually due to ischemia caused by heart disease, cerebrovascular disease。Self-test: How old is your veins?Shown in Figure 1, in depressed mood, too hard; 2, addicted to eating instant noodles and biscuits, snacks, a partial eclipse meat; 3, do not want to sport; 4, number of cigarettes smoked per day multiplied by the age of more than 400; Editor's Choice。