Why married men gain weight!(1)

  Not long ago, a series of before and after the man married to a fire in the network, mutatis mutandis, people have lamented like a pig, pig feed is years。
Why had premarital lean lean young man, after marriage but it immediately becomes greasy fat?Here we give the reasons summarized under。
  1, eating too many men before marriage in order to maintain the body, usually diet, exercise and participate。
But after marriage eat three meals a day comfortable, will unconsciously eat very much。And married men to pay attention to the image is not so, slowly pamper yourself。
  2, consumption decreases with age, physical function has changed, but also slow down the metabolic rate, energy consumption is reduced。Since about 30 years of age, people begin to lose muscle mass。
One reason is that a significant reduction in growth hormone secretion, and growth hormone to promote and maintain critical muscle development。Another reason is less movement, lack of exercise muscle will naturally shrink。The exercise less, in itself reduce energy consumption。
  3, lack of sleep researchers have found that sleep quality declines with age, depth of sleep time。In deep sleep the body will create growth hormone, deep sleep time will lead to reduced secretion of growth hormone, and reduced secretion of growth hormone will lead to muscle relaxation, decreased, for this reason also indirectly led to the phenomenon of fat middle-aged men。
  After As shown in Figure 4, increasing to become head of the family, a person is no longer eat the whole family hungry, and the burden of work and life is accompanied by a sense of pressure on the man's shoulder, the man suddenly increased a lot。
Order and justice studies have shown that short-term stress, can lead people to become alert and sober mind。However, long-term stressors can lead to the secretion of human glucocorticoid continues to increase, changing the distribution of body fat tissue, fat short-term rest of the body in the "transport" to the abdomen, making a lot of fat around the abdomen dirty and an abdominal wall surrounding。This has resulted in a number of men "potbellied" the same again。