Diabetes do not eat these taboos (1)

  Many people find themselves not abnormal blood sugar, is a health problem in the physical examination found that high before going to check their own blood sugar。
Daily blood glucose monitoring in order to effectively prevent high blood sugar unconsciously so much。  Normal blood glucose values: fasting blood glucose in normal / L or less, two-hour postprandial blood glucose in normal / L or less。
  Blood Glucose values: fasting blood glucose greater than or equal / L, or two-hour postprandial blood glucose greater than or equal / L to determine whether diabetes disease。
  With diabetes is not terrible, terrible is not enough attention, I do not know the diet。
In other countries, the treatment of diabetes is uncontrolled by treatment, and prevention of complications related to the main。
Therefore, in addition we know that almost all of insulin injections, eat hypoglycemic drugs to lower blood sugar outside, we have to lower blood sugar from the diet to control blood sugar。
  Diabetes do not eat these taboos 1, control the staple food staple food as much as possible with low-sugar, high-fiber, low-fat foods, and do not over eat staple food, energy, to attain an added strength, the body needs to replenish。Eat small meals can also allow better blood sugar metabolism, reduce the absorption of sugar。
  2, pay attention to meat and vegetables with a reasonable diet, can be more beneficial to those with lipid lowering blood sugar when eating meat, is conducive to digestion of vegetables with the food。
When eating foods higher sugar content, should pay attention to small amount of food, but also more conducive to lowering blood sugar with a number, delaying the absorption of glucose and other vegetables。And must not covet delicious meat 3, the dietary laws of each regular diet helps the body metabolize normal operation and its organs, but also to prevent overeating, resulting in a rapid increase in blood sugar。  Diabetes do not eat them, eat food taboos 1, sweets, such as beets, sauerkraut, sugar, brown sugar, rock sugar, glucose, maltose, honey, chocolate, candy, fruit candy, candied fruit, canned fruit, soft drinks, juices, sweet drinks, jam, ice cream, cookies, cakes, sweet bread and sugar cakes made。Memorable dessert to eat 2, high-salt foods, such as pickled foods, salty foods, salty snacks etc. can cause elevated blood sugar。  3, high-fat foods such as butter, suet, lard, butter, cream, fatty meat, eggs and other foods high in saturated fatty acids, cholesterol foods。Like peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts and other nuts also try to eat or do not eat a lot。
  4, spicy food, spicy food stimulates the taste buds, it is easy to overdose eat some easily lead to elevated blood sugar food。  5, tobacco smoke contains nicotine and alcohol on people with diabetes and other blood sugar and liver are unfavorable, easily lead to some complications of diabetes。