What to eat good food had rubella rubella recommended for patients with therapeutic side

During rubella too, do not eat spicy food and snacks, some attention on the diet, it will get better soon。So, what food to eat during the good rubella What good therapeutic side。
What to eat good food had rubella 1, Qingying habitat porridge [composition] 15?30 g, 6 g bamboo heart volume, 10 grams of honeysuckle, horns 3 grams (6-10 g generations with buffalo), 100 grams of rice。The habitat, bamboo roll heart, honeysuckle, buffalo horn washed into the casserole with Jiantang, juice to the residue, re-entry wash the rice, cook the porridge。
Daily 2?3 times, warm take。[Effect] this porridge Qingying Xiere, and in a transparent table。
Camp is suitable for excessive heat。
Zheng Jian fever, worse at night, irritability, throat but do not want to drink, red tongue purple, no coating, rapid pulse。Note: Spleen Deficiency were hanged。
2, Yinqiaojiedu porridge [composition] 10 grams of honeysuckle, forsythia, SSP, bamboo, Nepeta, reed rhizome 15 grams, 6 grams Arctium, licorice, rice 100 grams。
8 herbs washed dextrose to the residue, washed cook rice porridge, porridge would be cooked, the concoction was added, boiling can fried 1-2。2 times, morning and evening warm clothes。[Effect] The porridge Xin Liang solution form, detoxification。
Applies to warm disease since the beginning, a bad cold fever, headache, no sweat or sweat without more, thirst, cough, sore throat, tongue rainbow, thin yellow tongue coating, floating pulse。Note: exogenous cold, chills, heavy, light fever should not use。
After 1 dietary considerations had rubella, rubella patients should try to avoid eating sweets。2, rubella patients should not eat food alcohol, such as rum, because of their nature relatively hot, is not conducive to recovery with a rash illness (such as rubella) of。
3, rubella patients should try to eat those spicy, pungent foods, such as onions, green pepper, pepper, chili, pepper, mustard, fennel, etc., because of their relatively hot and spicy taste, it is not conducive to rubella disease recovery。4, rubella patients should try to avoid eating those deep-fried, greasy foods, such as fried dough sticks, cream, butter, chocolate, greasy foods as these will help increase the role of wet heat is not conducive to the treatment of the patient's condition and rubella restore。Tips: The above method is only for reference, here to remind everyone, such as the use of the above method is invalid, please go to hospital for diagnosis and treatment, so as not to delay the best timing of treatment, leading to exacerbations。
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