On the military deputies from the cohesion realize the Chinese dream the dream of a strong army majestic power

  Military deputies, deputy commander of the Tibet Military District People's Congress Wang Haijiang army, navy ship captain Zhaoyan Quan army Hefei People's Congress, a unit of Air Force captain Feng Weijun man carrying a shoulder crushing burden reporters: March 17, new elected State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping constitutional oath, a solemn promise to build a prosperous, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious modern socialist country beautiful struggle!As a new era of revolutionary soldiers, we have the kind of mission play?  On behalf of Feng Wei: power must be strong army, strong army to national security。
Strong army Dream is an important part of Chinese dream, dream symbiotic with China, the socialist modernization drive power, we need strong people's army for support。   It has opened a new journey and struggle bugle call is sounded, we must carry the historical mission of the new era of responsibility, under the new historical conditions, unswervingly take the road of strengthening the military with Chinese characteristics, to make the people's army into a world-class military own contribution。   Representatives Zhaoyan Quan: the shoulders of soldiers carry guns to carry guns, carry the more important task is to secure the country and the nation。
Now, the important task of strengthening the military a new era of historically falls on our shoulders, have the courage to play, which is both expectations of the party and the people, but also the character of the contemporary revolutionary soldier should have。
  War can not be a day not prepared, the military is preparing for training primary duty and mission to play。 In recent years, with the Liaoning ship into the column, aircraft carriers into the water, protect the base in use in Djibouti, etc., the People's Navy around the new system, new functions, new mission, expand and deepen the strategic use of the Navy, normalization voyage, diversified military forces giant strides toward the ocean。
Moving new era, only growing awareness of preparing for war, ready at any time to fight a hard battle, in order to effectively provide strong support for China to achieve a strong army Dream Dream。   Youth struggle is the best footnote Reporter: In the New Year message President Xi stressed that happiness is out of the struggle。 This important exposition, strong military industry have a profound revelation of how we finish?  On behalf of Wang Haijiang: Inf, with each passing day。 For an individual, the struggle to achieve their own growth ladder; for the country, the struggle is the driving force to promote the development and advancement of。 I was in mid-1977 after the reopening of the country, one of the first to participate in the college entrance examination was admitted to the Military Academy students from local。
Shortly after graduation, he participated in the border war in self-defense, led troops several times came close to the forefront of reconnaissance, brave in battle awarded a first。
In military career, I have witnessed many of his comrades in tissue culture, work hard, work hard and make its due contribution for the construction and development of power units。   Road although Wani, no not to; small things, not fragmentation。 Nearly 40 years of military experience I realized that, with each burst of powerful military officers and a spirit of perseverance and enthusiastic attitude is closely related to。
Practice has proved that every striver perseverance and dedication, creating our happy life, but also the accumulation of national values and achievements。
Today, we promote a strong military industry, also need hard work every soldier。 Dili strong army road, only to struggle to achieve our dream, only to struggle in order to win new victories and win new glory。
  On behalf of Feng Wei: In the past, because of the constraints of equipment performance, reaching an altitude of motherland has been the lack of "Made in China" transport aircraft。 Today, I became China's first large-scale strategic military transport aircraft shipped the first batch of pilots -20。
All this is inseparable from thousands of wisdom and sweat striver。
  The background is the struggle of youth。
Moving the great era, we should have high morale, personal ideals into the dream of a strong army, sweat and youth on the road to a strong army Hing army, a career。   Combat readiness is not singing sung Reporter: President Xi pointed out that the troops still have to practice, to be ready to fight, not to sing sing out of combat readiness。
This important discussion, how should we understand?  On behalf of Zhaoyan Quan: "dream of horses, live Shaohua," which is a lot of young officers and soldiers of the youth pledge。 But "combat readiness not sing sing out," but to roll up its sleeves to dry out, chased out of the fight enemies, and master blows to break out。   At present, we should be based on national and military conditions, slow and steady, at every step, based on the post hard work, hard work, ingeniously, step by step, step by step, moment to do things, and strive to achieve the dream of a strong army – Military。   On behalf of Wang Haijiang: big party nineteenth comprehensive national defense and military modernization to make new Strategic Plan: to ensure that by 2020, the basic realization of significant progress in mechanization and information technology acquisition, strategic capabilities have a big upgrade。
For this reason, whether it is preparing to strengthen the training, or promote the comprehensive strict discipline; whether it is to lay the policy of reform "third campaign", or carry out operational mechanism "secondary innovation"; either persevere is the wind Su Chi, red or heritage genes, all we need "not to Chi fantasy, not greedy for virtual sound," solidly do a good job; we need every mountain open, water bridge's aggressive, stepping stone stay in India, grasping the iron has left a mark of tenacity , perseverance, long time to work in cohesion Army-strong army。   Since the beginning, from the northern border to the southern islands, from the plateau to the west coast of the East China Sea, the PLA officers and soldiers conscientiously implement Chairman Xi instruction indicating the start of training mobilization meeting, adhere combat training, joint training with war, adhere to the Gang training facilities, strict management training, take concrete actions to put into practice the oath striver, stirring up the majestic power of a new era Army-strong army!。