The nutritional value of mango health effects and the role of expectorant cough

  First, the nutritional benefits and food value of mango mango is rich in protein, carotene, and essential trace element<Selenium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, etc.>Content is also high。
King of tropical reputation。
High。  1, the stopper has a clear halo effect edible mango stomach, for motion sickness, seasickness have some antiemetic effects。  2, according to modern anticancer viewpoint, mango contains a lot of A, thus having the effect of anti-cancer。  3, beautify the skin due to the mango contains a lot of, so regular consumption of mango, moisturize the skin can play a role。
  4, containing nutrients and prevent atherosclerosis mango C, minerals, etc., in addition to having efficacy, but also has the role of preventing arteriosclerosis and。  5, prevention of soil mango contains a lot of fiber, can promote bowel movements, for the prevention and treatment has certain advantages。  6, anti-bacterial mango immature fruit and bark, stems can inhibit the pyogenic bacteria, such as E. coli, mango leaf extract also inhibit the role of pyogenic bacteria, E. coli, treat human skin, gastrointestinal tract infections。  7, mango mangiferin expectorant effect are contained in the cured disease, sputum of asthma embolism role of adjuvant therapy。  8, lower cholesterol triglycerides containing mango?Higher than normal amount of mango leaves have high?Content, and even with heat processing, the content will not disappear characteristics, mango can eat constantly replenished in vivo?Consumption, lower cholesterol, triglycerides, have contributed to the prevention of cardiovascular。  9, and sugar content of mango eyesight is very rich, especially accounting for the A's first original content, has the role of eyesight。
  Second, pay attention to eat mango taste, according to the analysis, mango belongs to the sweet natured, thirst-quenching fluid fruit。Raw food can be vomiting, cure seasickness wave, utility and sour plum as。
Those who are not accustomed to boat, after suffering from chest bumps shade boring, it might be mango as "medicine."。
When nausea nausea, eat mango or mango Jianshui eating meat。
The only caveat is that mango nature with poisoning caused by damp, if suffering from skin disease itself or, should bear in mind to avoid eating。
  Wet is one of the six study on the causes。Such as skin diseases, sore pus, such as disease, internal diseases such as edema, beriberi, etc., are described as the "wet" physique with poisoning caused by damp wet from further eating mangoes as might aggravate the situation。
But some people worry that eat mangoes so increased, this idea then it is misplaced。
  Conclusion: The above knowledge of mango nutritional benefits and food value we all mastered yet, a lot of mango and food value, to see how we use it, and blow can introduce its value to my friends, I hope this knowledge We can help you。