Side effects of an overdose of vitamin B2 adverse reactions

Side effects of an overdose of vitamin B2 adverse reactions。 Vitamin B2 is a member of the b vitamins, it plays an irreplaceable work in the human body, but it would be inappropriate to add more, or will cause some adverse reactions。
Then the side effects of vitamin B2, what does here we take a look at the side effects of vitamin B2 it!Vitamin B2, also called riboflavin。
Molecular formula C17H20N4O6。
It is one of 13 kinds of essential vitamins, as a member of the vitamin B group, slightly soluble in water, soluble in sodium chloride solution, soluble in dilute sodium hydroxide solution。 After taking Vitamin B2 urine turns yellow, is a normal phenomenon.But do not eat too much。
Ingest too many, may cause itching, numbness, burning, tingling, etc.。
If taking anticancer drugs, such as methotrexate (methotrexate), then the excess B2 will reduce the effectiveness of anticancer agents。 1 normal needs, recommended daily intake for adults is。 It needs during pregnancy, breast-feeding during the first six months of intake of 6 months after is; 2, people often increase the state of tension intake; 3, taking, pregnancy, breast-feeding women need more vitamin B2; 4, do not eat meat and dairy people should increase the intake of vitamin B2; 5 side effects of vitamin B2, or ulcers due to long-term dietary control people more prone to deficiency of vitamin B2 phenomenon; (if suffering special and positive person receives medical treatment, to change the physician designated by diet, be sure to consult a physician。
) 6, all of the human nervous states, necessary to increase the amount of complex vitamin B2; 7, vitamin B6, C and niacin act together, the best。 1 day to eat two adult animal liver can meet the needs; adults eat about two pounds a day to meet the needs; adults eat three a day to meet the needs of lettuce; adults eat 34 a day to meet the needs。