Rockets coach in NBA history to fifth!Here is a 71-year-old knowledge

  Beijing on March 8, the Rockets to 110-99 victory over the Bucks on the road, ho to take 17-game winning streak。   Rockets can now play the score, coach – Mike D'Antoni contributed。 According to statistics, D'Antoni became the first NBA history to lead five different teams had achieved more than 15 streak in team。   The top four are: "Cardinal" Auerbach, Pat Riley – – Phil Jackson and Rick – Rick Adelman。 (Note: "Cardinal" Auerbach coached the Celtics before BAA also coached the Washington Congress team, he coached 71 years ago, in 1947, Congress team to get a wave of 17-game winning streak) entering 2000 later, D'Antoni Phoenix Suns was a huge success。 Then the Suns are the best offensive team in the league, the game enjoyable, the only pity is that did not win, but D'Antoni is the NBA ushered in a new era。   After that, some frustrated D'Antoni Knicks and Lakers coach, but the main reason is the lineup configuration does not meet his coaching system。
Until then began coaching the Rockets, D'Antoni again found a sense, just a coach Mike D'Antoni's second season, the Rockets have become the league's best team record。
After today's, the Rockets have ho to take 17-game winning streak, which is also the NBA's longest winning streak of the season。