Cold drink ginger useful it?(1)

  Is a good thing, cold weather or the rain later bowl, can warm the body, prevention。So, when the cold cold, drink can play a role in the treatment of colds it?We are concerned that today。  As the warm ginger thereof, on the one hand an anti-relieving evil effect, it can also be used on the one hand the body warmth, suffering from initial cold, hot drinking water is indeed beneficial ginger。
  Ginger is a daily seasoning, but also can be used as medicine。It potency Xin Wen, can be sweating relieving, expelling wind and cold, the role of relaxation for cold light card。If you feel the cold in the winter, drink a bowl of hot or boiled with brown sugar ginger syrup, so that patients sweating slightly, does have the effect of dispelling evil。
Chinese medicine, Xin Wen things have divergent characteristics, when the muscle is still evil alien table, Xinsan sweating, the table is easy to evil with sweat out the disease also will follow and the solution。
  Cold-type symptoms are usually chills, runny nose, etc.。Ginger and warm, just a cold "killer", has the effect of fever, chills, the cold。Therefore, these patients can drink rid of "cold" to improve cold symptoms。
  1 three kinds of governance cold, brown sugar。Nourishing effect of brown sugar, blood, and ginger applied, the surface may improve circulation, cold treatment。
It should be noted, ginger, brown sugar, water or applies only to cold cold cold stomach after rain, cold or summer heat can not be used Fengreganmao。  2, jujube。
Jujube sweet and warm, with Bu Zhong Yi Qi, nourishing and soothing effect: ginger spicy warm, with the temperature in, relieving effect of cold; the two combined, can give full play to the role of ginger, promote blood circulation , symptoms of cold hands and feet。
In addition, heavy make up warm ginger, jujube heavy tonic, very effective in the treatment of stomach caused cold。
  3, cola。Has the effect of cold sputum, increase the heat, warm stomach, ideal for winter health, prevention and treatment effect is good, you can be comfortable and easy。