Look distinguish healthy tongue, which tongue indicating the body there is moisture?(1)

  TCM is a common method of diagnosis, normal generally pale red tongue, the tongue spread a thin layer of uniform particles, drying moderate。  If thickening, sticky unhappy, a general description of the body has alpine; from white to yellow, as is often the body heat progressively higher; if darker black to continue, the prompt deterioration, is critical juncture。  Performance 1: generally expressed as table cards, cold syndrome。
Thin white tongue run as normal, while also showing thin white fur without the disease in the body。Thin white fur and too smooth, cold syndrome is more common in table。
Thin white fur drying, or heat syndrome table feel dry evil。Dried thick white fur, the representative of thermal injury Jin dampness。
Fur covered with white fur, the touch is not dried, called pink moss, plague disease represents give。White coating and dried, cracked called rough moss, common in warm disease。
Pale tongue, white and smooth, on behalf of dampness or cold syndrome。Sticky white slip and tongue, seen in vivo dampness or wet trapped in the spleen。
Rot and white slip tongue, stomach organs accumulated heat。
If the spleen cool white coating as the snowflake dry matter, known as snow moss, represents。Tongue and mouthful of clothing, moss or mildew appears raw erosion points, Wei Qi decline, dirty air will be absolutely the climate crisis。
  2, yellow coating: yellow moss main heat syndrome。
Thin yellow and dry, in the excessive heat, impaired body fluid。
Dried moss yellow green barbed tongue with cracks in the heat of apogee, major injury body fluid, organs hot。Thick and greasy yellow tongue, mostly phlegm, indigestion or damp。
Tongue yellow slip and moist, as Yang performance。  3, gray moss: the Lord permits。
Moss gray thin lubrication, mostly cold dampness resistance, or phlegm within the stop。Gray moss and dry as fever or wang。
  4, black moss: moss mostly black or gray transformed from yellow moss moss made, indicating that the disease is extremely serious。And orcinol sulfate, and excessive heat loss Jin。Tongue black moss and dry as heart Huosheng。
Moss black and lubrication, to yang chill heyday。