Housing prices in the real estate industry sluggish trend towards diversification

■ newspaper reporter Zhou Xuesong March 21, 2018 China Top 500 Enterprises Development evaluation results conference held in Beijing, in addition to concern, "2018 Chinese real estate development enterprises 500" list announced series of evaluation, the real estate industry situation is also particularly concern。 This release of the 500 real estate evaluation report pointed out that from the industry point of view, the overall sluggish growth, is still in a down cycle, more and more developers began segments of deep plowing。
Hengqiang era, struggling small and medium housing prices above report pointed out that the real estate industry in mid-2017 in the context of the measures and policies because of the city, and ushered in a new round of development, the annual real estate sales amount and sales area to achieve new breakthrough, but in different areas of the city to further highlight the differentiation, mergers and reconstruction within the real estate industry to further accelerate industry concentration to further enhance the。 From the top view, 2018 Chinese real estate development enterprises 500 list of the top three still, Country Garden, Vanke occupy。
Among them, Hengda Group topped the list continues, Country Garden, Vanke breakdown list second and third。
Poly, financial record, green, sea, Lake, and R & F China Fortune points out four to ten。 Compared with the previous year's assessment, ranking top ten in addition to individual housing prices adjust, remained stable overall。
2017, 500 full-year sales of commercial real estate development business area amounted million square meters, an increase of%, the amount of sales of new high record trillion yuan, an increase of%; 500 Housing prices in market share by area and by the amount of% respectively and%, respectively, over the previous year percentage points and upgrade。
At the same time, the number of one hundred billion years, housing prices hit a new high, reaching 17。 Country Garden, Vanke, Hengda three leading enterprises annual results is more than 500 billion yuan, to achieve a substantial breakthrough performance。
Evaluation report notes that in mid-2017, the real estate industry to further enhance the degree of concentration, and present sales continue to focus on leading enterprises situation, the degree of concentration is accelerating the rise in the real estate industry。
In the leading housing prices upward market trends, rapid growth, small and medium housing prices is still difficult, room for growth and market share further squeezed, small 500 companies in sales and share of negative growth of minority businesses。
Type of business growth gathered to the ends of the increasing tendency, increasing polarization in the foreseeable future, there will be a weak part of the competitiveness of small and medium housing prices forced out of the market, while the strength of large housing prices will benefit the industry integration, both to take, financing, distribution, have to build a higher safety margin, performance is expected to be further improved。 With the end of the era of barbarism growth industries, the real estate market has entered the era of the King of Hengqiang。
Sluggish growth industry as a whole, housing prices had become the trend of diversification from the entire industry, real estate remain under pressure in mid-2017, the overall growth weak。 On the one hand, the government's determination to big time round, starting from the supply and demand sides of a two-pronged vigorously reform the real estate market。 On the other hand, with the gradual extinction of urbanization dividend, closely related real estate industry in the role of market discipline has gradually entered the "era"。
Evaluation report shows that in 2017 the top 500 real estate development business growth indicators in the area of sales growth fell sharply to%, the amount of sales growth to maintain high growth is mainly benefiting from high prices。 Although the growth rate of operating profit rise for three consecutive years, but did not exceed the 2010 level, in the long term is still in a downward spiral of。
As the years continue to expand the scale of housekeeping, the overall industry growth rate of net assets fell sharply。
Above indicators show that, despite the absolute value of the sales volume of breakthrough record high, but sales growth and profit growth point of view, the real estate industry is still in a down cycle。
Taking into account the stability of government regulatory policy, superimposed urbanization dividend weaken this factor, on the basis of the national real estate sales hit a record high last year on the market, sales growth should fall is a high probability event。 Thus, with the real estate multi-supply system and gradually improve, accelerate the establishment of long-term mechanism, continued to tighten financial side, ten billion housing prices have started thinking about good policy to deal with large-scale industry change in the situation after the rush in the harvest。
In order to seek long-term development, many ten billion housing prices diversify horizontally and vertically oriented, and actively expand the long-term holding some type of business, such as long-term lease apartments feature of the town, text brigade and real estate, while others focused on the real estate service open up the upstream and downstream industry chain, such as the Internet home improvement, community service, etc.。
It is noteworthy that, more and more developers start deep plowing fields broken down, pay more attention to professional development, rather than simply copying the project, such as old-age real estate, logistics and real estate。