Deron Williams added 35 points and the Nets east when the Eagles were forced into a 2-2 first wins

  Ticker on April 28, when the Nets at home plus worked hard to reverse the Hawks 120-115, will always tie 2-2。   Deron – Williams broke out, scored 35 points and seven assists, the audience voted 7 of 11 three-pointers。
Brook – Lopez 26 points and 10 rebounds, Joe – Johnson 17 points, six rebounds and five assists, Bojan – Bogdanovic 15 points and six rebounds, Thaddeus – Young 10 points and seven rebounds。
  Eagles was overturned in the case of double-digit lead。
Jeff – Teague scored 20 points and 11 assists, Demar – Carroll 20 points, nine rebounds and five assists, Al – Horford 17 points and seven rebounds, Paul – Paul Millsap 16 points and 12 rebounds, Kyle – Kyle Korver 16 points and 11 rebounds。   Eagles in the regular season, made 60 wins, setting a record in team history。
They attack the balance, averaged% hit rate, coach 巴登霍泽尔 also won the "Best Coach" award。   But in the playoffs, the Eagles did not find the feeling。
Even winning the first two games, they scored only 90 points and shot less than 40% of。
  The third war, the Eagles finally crash on the road to defeat the Nets 83-91。
  Eagles captains are aware that they have to get back the feeling of the regular season offensive。
But the Nets in their own home, but also go all out, even after the outbreak of sluggish performance of both Williams。   In the circumstances behind the first three quarters, the fourth quarter the Nets massive counter-attack, in one fell swoop successful comeback, will always tie 2-2。
  The first section played less than half, Williams hit three-pointers 2 2, leading the Nets to 14-13。
Carroll to a record-third, one with 5 points, Antic also hit the third, beyond Eagles 21-14。 Nets failed to score in three minutes, Williams turned and answered with a jumper, followed by hit third again, the Nets 11-3 to end a wave of this section, thereby exceeding 25-24。   Nets scored seven straight points to start the second, to expand the advantage to 32-24。
Hawks played in this section also failed to score nearly a minute, but then restore the state, chasing the score 34-35。 More than half of this section, the Nets still lead to 41-37, but the Hawks opened fire outside, then hit four three-pointers, one stroke lead。 Halftime, leading the Hawks to 51-45。
  When more than half of the third quarter, Millsap in the field goal, leading the Hawks to 68-59。
Johnson throws three balls in a row, but the Eagles continuously attacking the basket to 72-62 double-digit advantage。 Hawks was leading by 12 points, but then hit rate has dropped slightly, the Nets in three after chasing the score became 74-82。
  Previously two games, Williams had a total of 5 minutes, plus injury in the body, the game did not last 16 minutes on。   In the critical fourth quarter, Williams suddenly erupt。
This section shortly after the start, he was cast in the third, then hit in the cast, one with 5 points。
Williams led his unit to counterattack continuing, this section there are 7 minutes 21 seconds, he again hit third, followed by steals the Nets, Williams decisive shot outside, and again hit, the Nets 20-7 in the attack wave start this section, in one fell swoop to exceed 94-89。
  Nets Thereafter consecutive errors, but also to a wave Eagles 12-5, in this section there are 2 minutes and 18 seconds to lead 101-99。
Williams again to come forward, hit the third, then he steals succeeded, assists Lopez, in this section have 1 minute 24 seconds, leading the Nets to 104-101。
  Nets critical moment flaws defensive line, when there are seconds in this section, after Millsap break dunk, the two sides battle 104-104。   Williams shot a critical moment too soon after the shot, giving the Eagles seconds left。 Fortunately, the Eagles have a slight problem, too late to put the last ball, the two sides into extra time。   Competition also 2 minutes 26 seconds, Carroll hit the third, the Hawks to 111-108 exceeded。
Lopez angry, foul and the basket strong play, the match。
After leading the Hawks again, Lopez assists, Bogdanovich third hit, when the game 1 minute 25 seconds, leading the Nets to 114-113。   Nets gradually took control of the situation。
Competition also seconds, Williams hit two free throws, leading the Nets to 118-113。 Eagles made a breakthrough Teague hit a ball, after Johnson hit two free throws, the Nets remain five points。   Critical moment, the Eagles not in the third, had to accept defeat, with a total score of 2-2 back home。