Los Angeles one pair of Chinese couple was kidnapped burglary, robbery old man was beaten

BEIJING, March 21 – According to the US "World News" reported that the US city of Los Angeles Rosemead (Rosemead) a houses, local time on the evening of March 18 encountered three armed criminals burglary, a 65-year-old woman being held hostage, a 67-year-old man was beaten。
19, a neighbor of the victim confirmed that the couple are ethnic Chinese, where it stayed for about 20 years。 Asian neighboring cells mostly family-oriented, usually live in peace and quiet, burglary, robbery came first, the residents by surprise。
The cell is one of the few residential incident-storey detached house。
(United States, "World News" reporter Wang Quanxiu child / Photography) Los Angeles County Police Department Sergeant JamesLong Tempe Branch said that the crime scene is located in Rosemead City Street, 9100 block guess one houses, the incident about 9:00 that night, three robbers wearing masks, gloves, dressed in black, from the garage door forced entry, found a 65-year-old woman and asked her to hand over money。
After one guard women, the other two found a 67-year-old man, the suspect violently beaten man body and face, asking him to hand over money and ransacked the victim's home to the second floor when the loss of property value temporarily not available。 Police said the suspect has not yet been arrested。
Most of the crime is an independent residential area one floor, two floors rarely。
From the outside, compared to other nearby houses but with a stucco exterior paint, the incident residential most eye-catching, with a decorative stone appearance。
A neighbor said the most recent years moved to the new family is the Asian family, but little to share, at most, to meet waved hello。 Because many families additions behind the house, and then rented out, so the community coming and going, even if the old tenants want good relations with neighbors and does not even know which one is the owner, were dropped。
But living in the local for 40 years, first came burglary, made her shudder。 Editor: Xu snow。