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  Source: Mustang Finance capital backed by a lot of stars "Liuyang mom and pop" WuXi, "split in three" plans to market the smooth Tempered?  Following (), Simcere, Nepstar other pharmaceutical giants delisting from the US stock market and embarked on the road of privatization。 Beginning of this year, and a pharmaceutical industry giants – Wuxi WuXi PharmaTech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: WuXi) is also the SFC to disclose the "prospectus", officially launched back to "A" tour。
  This also means that, since spinning off its all-Pharmaceutical Co. KG (), bio-medicine Ming () have to log three new board, after the Hong Kong stock market, WuXi from delisting from the US stock market, "a split" program, the most critical step in step Out。
  "Liuyang mom and pop" way of returning WuXi PharmaTech is a provider of drug development for the international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies outsourcing services company, mainly engaged in pre-clinical CRO services (contract research and development services) and CMO / CDMO (contract manufacturing business / contract manufacturing business R & D) services。
  Mustang Finance noted that this is a truly a mom and pop, Ge Li, chairman husband, wife Zhao Ning was Vice President。   Peking University is not only a couple of students, along with the United States to study, but all in PharmacopeiaInc。(Ie mid-1995 in the US Nasdaq-listed pharmaceutical company, the predecessor of the famous PDD) held senior positions, he has a wealth of experience in the field of medicine。   In December 2000, WuXi establishment, by virtue of the accumulation of personal connections in many world-class pharmaceutical companies PDD, Wyeth, etc., making the company successfully won numerous international orders, rapid development, and in 2007 successfully listed on the NYSE。   After landing the capital market, the pace of expansion of WuXi further acceleration。
Not only purchased illuminaHiseqX10 gene sequencing company Illumina system from the United States, has acquired the world's only company with large-scale storage of human genome-wide information centralized database of genetic and biological analysis company –NextCODE, and Huawei jointly launched with the consumer for gene sequencing level of product market "price cloud"。
  2014 –2017 September revenues were WuXi billion, billion, million and billion yuan; net profit of million, billion, million and one hundred million yuan。
Its CRO business is to reach the size of the domestic first international on 11, is likened to "the medical profession Foxconn" outside world。
  But, large-scale mergers and acquisitions capital markets, although it also continue to push forward WuXi shares, but the valuation of Sino-US comparison of the two markets, it's still a huge difference。
For example as of December 2015, the eve of the privatization of delisting, WuXi PE is only 30, and similar domestic companies (), etc. are even higher at 70。   At the same time, Beijing Securities analyst Fang Taixiong to a Mustang financial analysis, WuXi although did largest CRO in the field, but ranked 11th in the world to see, in front of all is more powerful pharmaceutical giants。
If you want to quickly break through the bottleneck, narrowing the gap with their peers, then they need to raise more funds into R & D to go。   Under the superposition of multiple factors, in August 2015, WuXi PharmaTech announced the privatization of delisting from the NYSE, opened a "split in three" return to the road。
  May 2015, WuXi's main subsidiary in charge of small molecule innovative drug R & D services business SynTheAll medicine, announced three new board listed; in June 2017, the subsidiary responsible for part of the business of medicine biologic biological bright, listed on the HKEx announced; February 2018, the Commission has revealed WuXi prospectus。
  Star surprise shares and shareholders, Qihoo 360 and other companies, "Pharmaceutical Foxconn," the same lack of giant sought。   Its current top ten shareholders, holding% of the Shanghai Gold Investment Management Co. drug, it is a subsidiary of。
  In addition, the Mustang Finance also noted that, after delisting in mid-January 2017 and the introduction of WuXi round investors in this round of investment, the Group Taikang Taikang Group ,, shares directly and through its Ma company shares assault。
  Specifically, China Life Chengda (Shanghai) Health Industry Equity Investment Center is a wholly-owned China Life Insurance, "Sun Company"; Shanghai Yun-Feng Heng Yuan Investment Center (limited partnership), by Ma indirect shareholding。   Interestingly, the current WuXi shareholders have three stars for the insurance giant, "Insurance + medicine" really great imagination。
  A challenge back to its hard power plus many giant convoy, WuXi back armor in the capital market set off a firestorm, but compared with most of the company back to A, it has a unique feature – – the main business overseas。   360 For example, the giant network, their main market is still in the country, and therefore the return from US stocks will become more logical。 As for WuXi 2014 Year – September 2017, domestic revenues accounted for respectively%%% and%; international business accounted for has been for over 80% and revenue more than half of the United States District。
  As mentioned above, WuXi's main competitor is actually leading international pharmaceutical industry giants。
In addition, financial experts Shibin Qing also analyzed the Mustang finance, business overseas, the main company in the country will be faced with the following three questions。   One business in a foreign country, financial verification is relatively difficult; the second is to consider the suitability of the local system of national policy, and the political situation in the region also have different effects on corporate management; Third, enterprises get a lot of foreign exchange earnings, there is exchange rate the impact of changes on profit or loss。
  WuXi prospectus also shows that 2014 – September 2017, the company's foreign exchange losses (gains), respectively – million – million – million and $ ten thousand yuan。
  For these factors, WuXi told Mustang Finance, as of September 30, 2017, the Company has accounted for laboratory services in China% of revenue (that is, to provide services in China, sold to overseas), and has customers worldwide over 3000, is the world's leading small molecule pharmaceutical companies long-term partner, the world's top 20 pharmaceutical companies and various types of leading large-scale drug R & D institutions are corporate customers。   The company also said that in recent years, the rapid development of R & D services industry has attracted a large number of overseas talent returning to employment, a competitive advantage in all aspects of personnel, infrastructure and cost structure have become one of the core competitiveness of China's pharmaceutical R & D services industry , and the overall technological level of China's industry to upgrade played a key role。 The future will help the domestic industry advantage of resources to further the development of related industries。
  But having said that, even with Alibaba, China Ping An and other stars of capital blessing, WuXi back after A valuation can achieve the management expects to maintain industry leading position in the future will have to see whether there is more innovation and R & D breakthrough。   After all, from the current specific business content WuXi new drug development point of view, it is mainly involved in chemical synthesis and analysis, testing, toxicological testing and other drugs, the main business is primarily an OEM manufacturer, and has a large core the gap between drug discovery technology patents and high-tech modern large pharmaceutical companies, which is WuXi current challenges and future space。
  I heard that now in foreign various cancers, can be treated by stem cell drugs or stem cell transplantation, little friends do not know how to see it for modern medical technology?See comments。