Amidst the Red

Drizzle, the only hold-edged paper umbrella, walking in the spring of Intrigue, a beautiful inner desire to meet。More than a dream season I traveled south to play, Siyu smoke, amidst the universal emotion。    Amidst such a line every now and then, in the breeze paddled gentle curve gently falls on it into miss, tell Acacia infinite, pour out Qingyimianmian。    Rain is floating floating, fell on the ground, slowly gathered together sustenance miss the drops of water, it does not seem destination of the line, a Department of Acacia, a hanging look forward to。Thoughts that lost Things in China, looking forward to have a familiar figure in the rain flash, A smile like they were filled with。    Rain smoke, the Red dream, misty rain, the paper umbrella propped lag expect your appearance。Red rolling, the hope and the king in a dream the night embracing Sri Lanka。Amidst the dream seemed to see the figure of a body passage of a dress, graceful figure, light as a swallow。Skirt printed with exquisite embroidery, dazzling bright colors, lace skirt increasingly highlight her graceful figure。Those nice flowers printed on its behalf seems to skirt the owner complaining about this Acacia suffering smoke attracted the rain。    You insisted on a beautiful umbrella cover, those beautiful flowers pattern on a rain umbrella through baptism all the more glamorous, as your pretty face。Although the umbrella cover your 大半个身子, if implicit, as in the misty rain now, it can be chosen to look back at that moment to see your face。Two curved LiuYeMei under clear eyes sparkling vivid, rosy face, straight nose slightly elevated, a right of cherry mouth, lined with neat white teeth, smiled, a smile on his face as if not but appear in between the eyes。That a pair of talking eyes will laugh, and you from a river, thoughts will never be able to distraction。After this years, even through the years of ring around and around, your shadow from my eyes went to the heart all。    Since Amidst looked at you, that graceful figure, like flowers face, then accompanied by deep thoughts into the Red dream, the dream as if it's smoke Rain is like a messenger in general, take me to convey your thoughts。I wonder if you listen to the call of misty rain?Tonight I would like to dream commensurate with your old friends, even if only occasionally encounters, but you have been deeply imprinted in my heart。Even the Red West Side Story, but I can not cut your line Acacia。This life with you, too, I fortunate; not, my life。    Adams night, God once again cast of Acacia line, the rhythm of the rain along the roof down。Drizzle all kinds of people passing by, I ran out of the corner of the eye swept those beautiful skirt, hoping to find a pair of eyes will laugh in the rain, it can be looked and looked, but that once met a chance, now has become full of hope, I do not know too difficult to meet, or the Red dream is too short?    Hope ah hope!After all, that figure never appears, flowery face, charming eyes or lost in the final fleeting years, may never hard to see the face goes fine。Perhaps flowery face perishable arrived, but Homecoming, perhaps the Red emotional volatility feelingly not yet had time to tell you, but your side already have the company of others。