Drug taking the best time large collection (1)

  1.Patients with hypertension medication should be served in the morning, not at night clothes。
  For hypertension patients, in one day, there will be two blood pressure peak, a peak is 9:00 to 11:00, another peak is 18:00 to 7:00, Xing things together think especially in the morning of steep blood pressure l may cause cardiovascular accidents, and at night, because the nerve adjustment mechanism, person's blood pressure will naturally fall。
  2.For patients with heart disease to ordinary tablets the words twice a day or three times, sub-time service, it would be better in the morning once a day administration of sustained-release tablets or controlled release tablets, relatively speaking, sustained-release tablets or controlled-release tablets 24 hours to ensure that blood stable plasma concentration。
  3.Asthma medication before going to sleep better。
  The vast majority of asthma medicine at bedtime is better, since midnight to 2:00 asthma is the most sensitive to cause bronchospasm acetylcholine and histamine reaction time。
  4.Diabetes medication。Good morning with insulin。Elderly patients with diabetes treated with insulin, administered at 10 a.m., the strongest hypoglycemic effect。
  Fives.Morning fasting eat the medicine early in the morning fasting to eat medicine。The anthelmintic, cathartic salts such as sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, a diuretic, an insulin preparation。
  6.Before going to bed to eat the medicine before going to bed 15?30 minutes to eat the medicine。
It includes laxatives such as rhubarb, phenolphthalein。Anti-anemia drug, at 8:00 pm to take the best absorption rate at this time than 8:00 in the morning is much higher, and may be extended up to four times the effect。Hypnotics class, fall asleep faster at bedtime can be served。  7.Before meals to eat the medicine before meals 30?60 minutes to eat the medicine。
Convergence antidiarrheal drugs, stomach protective drugs, gastrointestinal antispasmodics, antiemetics, choleretic drugs, intestinal anti-infective drugs nourishing。Xing things together another think some drugs on an empty stomach is better absorbed by the use of, or the impact of food will not be absorbed, it can also be used before meals, such as: tetracycline, anti-TB drugs。  8.After a meal to eat the medicine after a meal 15?30 minutes to eat the medicine。Most drugs can be taken after meals, in particular: stimulating drugs such as aspirin, vitamin B2。After a meal to avoid stomach irritation, absorption will be better。
  9.A certain time interval medication: antibiotics to maintain a constant blood concentration, to achieve bacteriostatic bactericidal effect, reducing the development of resistance, often using a fixed time interval。
Such as: every four hours, every six hours, every eight hours, or the like。
  10.The drugs can cause mental excitement, not later than after supper, so as not to affect sleep。Should normally be taken before four p.m.。
(Such as drugs containing caffeine。) 11.Motion sickness pills, the car should be in the top three is very?Taken one hour, if the drive is too long, the service must also add a dose if necessary。  12.Taking drugs when needed: (1) such as antipyretics, body temperature ℃ above shall only take medication。
  (2) drug for the prophylaxis or treatment of angina, such as: nitroglycerin, when used to take urgent episodes。