Marinated barbecue bill of materials and methods

Barbecue Recipes!Grill, fish meat or vegetables refers string on steel, carbon or a high temperature fire oven by moderately elevated temperatures, the hard film formed on the surface of the material golden yellow, so that the flavor included, made with a unique coke flavor dishes。
Direct fire barbecue grill fire can be divided into two or between, it is straight grilled food placed directly on the fire barbecue the way, following six patterns: unglazed: food without seasoning, grilled directly on the fire, to fish for many, in addition to retain the original flavor, the more fishy efficacy of salt burn: salt and then wipe over the ingredients the body barbecue can be suitable for grilled fish and seafood miso burn: one side coated with salt and soy sauce, barbecue side, and then cover the miso to add flavor, which the fish, and white radish better highlight its unique mellow flavor。
Kabayaki: When grilling a long strip of fish, cut open after the belly of the fish, bamboo across the fillet strips, because at first glance very much like Po leaves named to Kabayaki eel (eel) most famous。 Teriyaki: rinse coating one surface side of baked thick sauce, cooked food to repeatedly, more commonly used in thick fat meat and fish。 Cloud Dan burn: mix the egg yolk with sauce, grilled side sauce evenly on the edge, on shrimp and other seafood ingredients, so baked ingredients can present a beautiful bright yellow, quite attractive。
And between fire barbecue-style common type has a bag burn, skewers, wok burning, teppanyaki, shell burning, pot burning, burning rock, Grilled, etc.。
We see no shortage of stores staggered use of the above types of barbecue, but the skewers, miso burn most civilians, the price is most acceptable。
Check string also varies the size and baked food patterns, divided into metal sign and bamboo, metal sign iron or stainless steel, is generally more common circle sign, but to the whole grilling fish type, a plane is suitable sign。
In the selection of ingredients on skewers, seasonal material at the Four Seasons for the selection of seasonal focus, which is due in chicken, chicken wings, chicken, chicken ass and even chicken skin are a lot of people's favorite, so the chicken has long been unshakable one skewers ingredients。 Currently the top five most popular Yakitori: skewered meat, onion – shells teeth of chicken and chicken skin with fragrant scallion, is the most common combination skewers。 Chicken balls – the mountain of chicken meat paste, with stirring wine cooked meat paste, add a little red miso, egg yolk bunched circular, Ru Kunbu broth put boiled, grilled and then string into the bamboo, which drops down, mouth-watering gravy。
Grilled chicken – grilled chicken bone off the juice, there are shares of generous feeling when you eat。 Grilled chicken breast – wonderful maturity and refreshing taste。
In addition, the cartilage roasted soft, rich chicken fat ass, $$ it is today a favorite of connoisseurs, you might as well try。