Beijing Tong Ren Tang and other Heibang, 65 batches of substandard drugs licorice (1)

  Recently, the State Food Drug Administration issued a circular on 65 batches of substandard Chinese Herbal Medicine。
List shows that 61 of 65 production batches of unqualified Chinese Herbal Medicine, are all Licorice Pieces。
61 companies list many of them well-known pharmaceutical companies, including Beijing MATERIA Church, students and other health。
  Pieces of licorice role is extremely broad class。
There are detoxification, diuretic Tonglin function。But also the antitussive and expectorant drugs。
Often Yipi qi, and urgency, with adjustment of various medicine。
Licorice can regulate immune function, anti-arrhythmic。When eating certain things after drug intoxication, or in vivo metabolite poisoning, eating licorice is a certain detoxification effect of。
Although there are many uses liquorice tablets, the drug is good, but also to be the right medicine, not blindly use。
Not long-term consumption of licorice pieces。
Note that licorice pieces will make blood pressure, blood sugar, high blood pressure and diabetes can not take。
Urination, bowel problems and people should not be eaten prostatic hypertrophy。  The main side effects of taking the taboo compound from which the opioid powder, which is opium。Powder having opioid analgesic, sedative, antitussive。However, opioid dependence is an easy to cause the human body (addictive) drugs, although very low levels, but long-term or large doses, can occur pleasure, and gradually become dependent, there will yawn after discontinuation, cold sweats, stream nose, irritability, anxiety and other symptoms。So generally take 3?5 days, avoid long-term use。
  Because of poor taste when taking the compound, often a lot of people coming pills to swallow saliva, but such is not ideal to take effect。
Because sulfur licorice extract of licorice sheet covered by inflammation of the throat mucosa, which stimulate the local sensory masking nerve endings, and thus play antitussive effect, thus buccal licorice to achieve the best effect, reducing the effects of swallowing。
  And there is long-term alcohol alcoholics, daily mood is very unstable, pregnant and lactating women, used with caution in patients with gastritis and peptic ulcer。
Licorice similar glucocorticoid action, can cause sodium retention, potassium row, elevated blood glucose, hypertension therefore, be used with caution in patients with diabetes。And opioids can cause smooth muscle relaxation, resulting in defecation, urination difficulties, so patients with constipation and enlarged prostate should be used with caution。