These fruits you eat really healthy hygiene?These types of bacteria can cause an increase in

The most popular fruit is that it is sweet and sour, juicy taste。
Eat fruit is changing, juice, fruit, platter, but they do eat really healthy or health?Below these types of fruit eating can lead to an increase in bacteria。
1, fruit platter is always a lot of people like to buy fruit platter, because spend hundreds of dollars can eat a variety of fruits, taste changing, even the usually reluctant to eat expensive fruits, but also to taste。But the media survey found that the number of bacterial colonies and checking of all samples exceeded fruit platter, several times exceeding even the highest。
This phenomenon leads to, on the one hand is the fruit of contact with the touch plastic wrap, utensils, knives, workers。On the other hand, did not make a fruit platter after eating immediately, place over a period of time, bacteria breed quickly。
2, not peeled fruit as early as 2015, the WHO recommended against China, root vegetables and fruits to block completely peeled, of leafy vegetables and fruits to use safe water immersion。The reason for this suggestion is that pesticide residues peel serious, and difficult to remove。
In addition, in order to preserve the majority of fruit waxing techniques will be used, in order to avoid more fruit wax into the body, or peeled consumption。
3, rotting fruit rotting fruit, may be affected by the invasion of a variety of microorganisms, such as Penicillium, Aspergillus flavus, these microbes can cause softening of the fruit peel, produce new microorganisms, such as penicillin, aflatoxin, there is human toxicity, carcinogenicity might。Even removal of decay and hazardous substances generated during the decay portion without ulceration of contaminates, which is invisible。So, you deserve better fruit, rotten fruit thrown in respect of。
4, iced fruit iced fruit although tasty, but also extremely unhygienic and cause excessive loss of nutrients。Iced fruit for a long time, will lead to the loss of vitamins, studies have shown lycopene in watermelon, β- carotene will be a huge loss after a cold。
In addition, the low temperature only slow bacterial growth, not sterilized or completely inhibited。
Iced fruit also face the threat of bacteria, and the presence of other bacteria easily refrigerator, in cold process may also increase the fruit surface bacteria。
5, water-soaked fruit fruits soaked in water, seemingly fresh, in fact, lead to the loss of a large number of water-soluble vitamins。
In addition, the market unscrupulous businessmen use alum + coarse salt, let diced fresh fruit, not color。However, the country's "food additives health standards" provisions, fresh fruit can not add any additives (except fruit wax)。
Alum human brain and bones are present hazards。
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