Whether Spring, summer or winter, every every gentle dawn, I have been looking to find that that belongs to our common song, shared a warm, look for your back, looking and watching your sweet heart。                  No matter where you go, whether you're wandering, I have been looking, looking your back, looking for a wonderful process of a profound mood, a yearning atmosphere, the vivid think you dream last night and most of today's most refreshing warm and sincere affection dedicated to you!                    Although the years have changed the color, dark green look has been turned into a light yellow, light ripped through the years but is Acacia, a wish your heart, but laden with loneliness and sorrow; sincere love, growing a green summer day, artless innocence after meeting you, have slough off childish innocence, a little more mature。When the pain, I always could not help but think of you, think of your background, I think that the dream of hanging a rainbow!      You're a song, I listen to you, so you know。You're not just be that the first part of your own songs, beautiful melodies like Tencel firmly put my invisible wound in the wind flowing in your natural voice, I can not help you go!                 Wherever you go, no matter where you go, I will sing that song, I would like to spend the day there is no more care of yourself, more singing, make your lonely life journey full implication of love。  My infatuation, you walk in the street, stood in a row of trees can feel your heartbeat, it is hope for your offer all kinds of tenderness, let me even in the cold winter days, you can feel the heartbeat, feel the spring breeze slowly floating green lush love Bo birth。Only when you feel love, the heart will be at ease。As approaching you, will make people good, I would encourage the loneliness and sadness buried, bury mediocre life, like a forced and belated season geese flying by the vast horizon, the final out of a swaying in the vast Acacia Rongrong years。Swaying out a song for you, think of your back, always will not forget your life。Enlarge You do not yo go too far, you do not go so fast, so silent, as I do not escape the attention of spring, do not give me back a cold, do not make me confused, do not let me speechless tears falling ice crystals in the cold winter days。Countless Acacia, forget the constant love, tender and sincere heart to look at you and want you back。