Women and health: wash with vinegar, Qubanyangyan

2.Diet adjust the face of the most effective issue, but also special attention to the issue of diet in daily life, in fact, many foods have the effect of beauty cream。 Such as peas, in addition to the consumption can supplement the body nutrition, regular exercise can also chew facial muscles, promote blood circulation and metabolism of the human body, so that the face look more red and shiny, while the variety of spots can get a good clear。
Pea be not the only edible cream, pea flour in the usual tone may be applied to the clearance face duck, also has a good effect and moisturizing cream。 3.The water higher summer temperatures, this time we humans are often a lot of sweat to keep the balance of the body temperature, and this time pay is very important, if the hot water, then it will lead to serious skin lost its luster, but also lead pigment resulting in the accumulation of spots。
Therefore, we must pay special attention to more pay big in the summer, you can not underestimate this cup of water, its skin is very valuable。 In particular this glass of water circulation will be absorbed in your cells while you sleep, so make your skin more delicate silky。 For some bad skin elasticity women, before taking a bath if we can develop a glass of water before bathing habits, it will be able to better promote skin metabolism, the body's cells get plenty of moisture, moisturize the skin, which play the role of beauty cream。