To change the name of the country of Macedonia? Greek Foreign Minister received threatening letters containing bullets

  Greek police say 17, Foreign Minister 尼科斯科恰 Adams received a threatening letter, enclosing a bullet。   An unnamed Greek police official told Reuters correspondent, received threatening letters Keqia Si Ke Qiasi mentioned negotiations with neighboring Macedonia to change the name of the country。   Because negotiations required to change the name of the country of Macedonia, Keqia Si months repeatedly intimidated。   February 2 this year, civil protection minister says Greece Nico Storrs Cass, Ke Qiasi day before received a threatening letter against him and his family, the sender threatened to Keqia Si prepared three bullets。
A Greek government official disclosed at that time, Ke Qiasi few weeks received several threatening letters and threatening phone calls。   Macedonia declared independence in 1991, until 1993 temporary name Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the United Nations, however, both internally and externally using the constitutional name Republic of Macedonia。
  Greece has insisted that Macedonia change the name of the country and the relevant provisions of the Constitution, on the grounds that the country now has the name implies territorial claims on the northern Greek region of Macedonia。   Greece to abandon renamed as obstacles to Macedonia's accession to the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization conditions。
The EU calls on the Macedonian name dispute with Greece to resolve the country as soon as possible in order to start accession talks。
  Macedonia aspects have to compromise gesture, Prime Minister 佐兰扎埃夫 February told Reuters reporter, willing to join the geographical qualifier in the name of the country, such as the Republic of Northern Macedonia Republic of Macedonia。   In addition, Macedonia intends to amend the constitution to delete the relevant sections of irredentism, indicating that no claim of sovereignty of the Greek territory。
  Greek Prime Minister called on Alex 克西斯齐普 Las nationals rationally face, as soon as possible to solve the country's name dispute。 However, the compromise in the two peoples are met with resistance。
Polls showed that 80% of the Greek people against Macedonia with a new national name Macedonia; many Macedonian citizens are firmly opposed to rename and amend the relevant provisions of the Constitution。