Barley more than a cosmetic effect, eat 10 big advantage

Location: body of barley more than a cosmetic effect, eat 10 big advantage 2018-3-2614: 21:29 Source: REVIEW: Yiyiren also known as barley, is one of the common medicinal and edible herbs。Yiyiren medicinal earliest recorded in the "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" that Yiyiren good at treating rheumatism, can under the gas dehumidification, long-term use can also yiqi。Now getting into the spring, moisture is relatively heavy, the body is also easy to accumulate some of the moisture, likely to cause health effects。
Humid, Chinese medicine recommended Yiyiren dampness Jun, a look at it…… 6, sedative, analgesic and antipyretic effects: a sedative, analgesic and antipyretic effects。Good effect on patients with rheumatism。7, the inhibition of skeletal muscle contraction: barley inhibit skeletal muscle contraction, the muscle contracture can be reduced to shorten the fatigue curve, can suppress the contraction of striated。
8, skin whitening: barley because of its rich in protein, can help eliminate the class Point, so that the skin than white, if long-term drinking can also nourish the skin effect。9, promote metabolism: barley can promote the metabolism of blood and water in vivo, have diuretic, eliminate edema, and can help defecation, it can help to reduce weight。
10, barley weight loss, acne treatment effect: consumption of 60 grams of barley a day, can effectively reduce blood cholesterol paddle, prevent heart blood vessel disease, can boost the immune system, increase resistance to disease barley oil on the heart, intestine, uterus low concentration, such as skeletal muscle and motor nerve terminals was excited about the role of high concentration into paralysis。Pregnant women eat it Coix Coix is a Medicinal Edible, Chinese medicine quality of sliding profits。
Pharmacological experiments show that APF has excitatory effects on uterine smooth muscle, may promote uterine contraction, which may have induced abortion。
Therefore, pregnant women should avoid eating Yiyiren, especially in the first trimester pregnant women。
In addition, women in the menstrual period is not recommended to eat the Yiyiren。Recommended barley dampness recipes 1, Coix porridge material: Yiyiren 15 grams, 50 grams of rice, both washed into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water, boil, small Huoao gruel。Effectiveness: the effect of spleen dampness。
Spleen suitable diarrhea, spleen swelling, joint pain。