Li Xiao: a can opener share of the market this year will be better

  Sina Financial News February 21 Lida Xiao Ying Tai Securities chief economist, said the A-share market is a high probability that tomorrow's first opener。
There may be evidence of the following five factors: First, the data nearly a decade after the Spring Festival A shares, A shares in the last decade the probability of a good start the first week of up to 90 percent of this data is a good start after the Spring Festival A shares have promoted ; second, in a shares outside the stock market rose on vacation to the United States on behalf of more than two percent。 This creates a good external environment for stocks opener。 Wall Street has rebounded from declines by half。
This is also a good start for the A shares of help; third, A shares this time of the fall is closely associated with the external market, when the external market rebound, the fact that a good start for the A shares are closely related; Fourth, usually during the holidays there are a lot of people look a habit is to avoid uncertainty holiday is hold out the holidays, this habit also leads to an increase in the probability of a good start。
  Fifth, VIX index is the fear index, from fifty back twenty。
VIX index of US stocks dropped on the basic explanation from a state of extreme panic return to a normal level of。
  Meanwhile, Li Xiao also said the situation from the consumer point of view, during the Spring Festival is still a peaceful atmosphere。 Spring is also a lot of data record high of A shares also have a positive effect opener。
  The A-share valuation advantage is still there, MSCI inclusion, foreign investment will enter in advance。 Again this year, A shares have a very big variable is the opening up of the market。
Plus Hong Kong stocks also been reported, Laura Cha, former vice chairman of the SFC, HKEx will assume leadership of。 Therefore, Hong Kong stocks will usher in a good news, so the A shares of the stock market this year will be even better。