Dalian men's 20 kg of liquor binge drinks chew blade

Dalian men's 20 kg of liquor binge drinks || chewing blades Abstract: Blue macro rock: When is my friend, I told him before drinking, drinking is dead, do not control me, has been finished, then I swallow blades, he does not dare to read。
  Man drinking with the men swallow shampoo basin man to take 20 pounds of nails blade present food and wine liquor sinks, men drink shampoo, eat nails, chewing a blade present food and wine……Finally, the man mouthful Maoxue, scenes can not look people getting scared。
  Recently, long 14 minutes 4 seconds of the video appears on the network for some time。
Screen, a man claiming to be "the northeast of Dalian blue sky tyrants," he put down 20 kg of liquor in the basin, in order to prove that 60-degree wine, specially lit with a lighter wine, and then began binge drinking, after 20 pounds of wine you'll feel, he began to make a series of trance unusual move, the video finally begged their companions quickly dialed 120 termination。
  This video is it true?"Northeast Dalian blue sky tyrants" How the?To make such a child heart trying to do his behavior?  Yesterday, the reporter linked to the "blue sky Dalian Northeast Pa." I, restore it from the "farce" of the whole process。   20 kg of liquor drank video screen in the end of this video is for help in the bathroom, a 40-year-old man ponytail self-proclaimed "blue sky Dalian Northeast Pa."。
He said: "Today I give you a drink, I do not give any manufacturer advertising, not looking, washing machine is broken, I was full of liquor 60 degrees, I will let you see what wine is what is water。
"Then, the man from the washing liquor is poured into a bowl filled with a lighter to ignite the wine, the bowl did rise a foot tall blue flame, and the man with a napkin shaking a bit on the flames, instantly ignited napkin。 "If you want cattle X, I find blue sky to the northeast Pa, 20 pounds of wine, you see how I'll feel in you。 "The man put that basin began to drink, drink a fifth of slow breath, the" world is too much, regardless of right and wrong, people like me, how can I。 "And then proceeded to drink, drank he said," my wife left me, do not say why, every time I get drunk, but I never make mistakes。 "After the wine had ten pounds, men drink some slow speed, and a wine spit into the basin。
At this point, the photographer advised him to "Blue brother, do not drink, do not get drunk."。 "Those who spit onto the ground, I do not spit, called ethics, said drinking two pounds, I will not spill a drop out。 "Then, the man speed up the rate of drinking, the rest to be almost jin, the first man made a surprising move。
"How have little snacks Yeah," he said, picking up a bottle of shampoo drained。 Photographer to stop him, he took out the toothpaste squeezed into his mouth。
Subsequently, two pounds of liquor bottomed out, the man began to look obvious trance, some do not speak agile。
Suddenly, a thrilling picture appeared, the man picked up a nail, "This is tapas", he swallowed three nails, "I'll give you the whole hard food", then the razor blade into his mouth and chew his mouth constantly emitting blood, he chewed a blade swallowed into the stomach。 At this point, the man almost roared allows the photographer to "Give me hang 120"。
  Said the intention is to stop Pinjiu relay "They wanted to quell the" blue Wang Yan told reporters, chose 20 kg of liquor this seemingly impossible task, does have ambition in trouble, so he started a few days ago put restrictions water, put themselves in a state thirsty。
  But the choice of 20 pounds to Pinjiu, not to win the national Pinjiu Relay, the real purpose is "to prevent subsequent attempts were" "I would like to quell them by 20 pounds, to let them know people beyond Behind do not fight, no meaning, then how to fight other people can not drink 20 pounds。
"Blue said Wang Yan。   As for the video toothpaste eat, drink shampoo practice, he explained that was not planned in advance, "Jiujin up, and he is a little confused, and what's at hand took over what, and the fact that I asked earlier shooting people, just shoot, do not talk, so he did not dare to persuade me。
"For eating nails, chewing a blade, blue macro rock bit embarrassed, he told do not imitate," I was a child learned qigong with street performers, up Jiujin had wanted to show off, who knows tongue numb, lose control, 5 overlapping blades deviation occurs, scratched throat "。   Doctors said such a drink poisoning does not believe is really true People's Liberation Army No. 463 Hospital, medical director Shaoli Chun told reporters, when the doctor for many years, had to rescue two pounds after drinking liquor poisoning, coma when people need artificial kidney replacement, as such drink 20 pounds heard。
People in the stimulation of alcohol, the first show of excitement, followed by suppression, then there will be manifestations of acute alcohol poisoning, coma, multiple organ injury。
Clinically, once the alcoholic coma more than 24 hours, woke up the opportunity to greatly reduce, or even never wake up to。 Video man after drinking swallow blade indeed is exciting, but it should be followed by acute alcoholism is fishes, I went into hospital。
  During the interview, Shaozhu Ren admitted that "20 pounds 60 degrees of liquor, I do not think it possible, I do not believe that is the true story."。
  In this video, the photographer is not too much to stop。
In this regard, Liaoning, Li Zhenge Companion law firm lawyers said, the man began to drink alcohol during the shampoo, eat nails blade, the photographer should be aware of the risk, should be discouraged fulfill obligations can not watch danger。
Once the men were drinking swallow blades cause injury or death, the photographer must bear part of the civil liability。   Wine party dialogue is real or fake liquor scattered five yuan a pound!  Why would swallow blade that was my unique skills children!  19 am yesterday, the reporter linked to the "blue sky tyrants" himself, his real name blue macro rock, 42-year-old son called because of the blue sky, so the family called him "father sky", homophonic became "blue sky tyrants"。
He runs a photo studio, practicing hard qigong age of 13, sold arts, swallow blade is forte children。
Phone, blue brother said his voice now, the stomach and the stomach also uncomfortable, very hard time, a smell of alcohol on the sick。 "After the blade to pull out, then immediately threw up, went to the hospital that night, his voice all right, playing two days bottle, want to beat others, the results themselves also defeated。 "Reporter: videos are shot day?  Blue macro rock: at 16:00 on January 1st shot, 6th uploaded to the web。
  Reporter: Why online Pinjiu?  Blue macro rock: See the online fight a very tough battle, was hospitalized, I want them to know the mountains there, and people, I would like to appear as heroes, directly to the amount of alcohol rose to 20 pounds, so that they catch up, do not lose out, and come to me came to a halt。
  Reporter: Is it true wine?  Blue macro rock: of course is true, scattered liquor is 5 yuan to buy a pound, you do not have to see the video yet?Little on。
  Reporter: When did you start preparing Pinjiu?  Blue macro rock: one week in advance I do not how to drink water, it's not thirsty, drink a few drops。   Reporter: What kind of people shoot video?  Blue macro rock: is my friend, I told him before drinking, drinking is dead, do not control me, have been finished, and later when I swallow blades, he did not read。   Reporter: usually drinker Zeyang?  Blue macro rock: the usual meal drink fifty-six kg of liquor。
  Reporter: think of how to drink shampoo?  Blue macro rock: it was the drink Hey。
  Reporter: Blade swallow it?  Blue macro rock: finish the last bite, I think there are swallowed blade unique skills, get on the show。 But the tongue a little hard, so bad, the middle blade joints did not control, cut directly to the tongue, and later pull out of the blade is in his throat。   Reporter: family know about it yet?  Macro Blue Rock: I know my father Pinjiu online swallow blades, started crying, heart attack, scolded me。   Reporter: so also after drinking it?  Macro Blue Rock: Now that I think very scared, the blade directly into the throat, the consequences can not think。