Kawaii 32 min + 10 16 Adelaide bitterly off spurs Memphis 3-0

] The first two are the Spurs victory, 106-74 win opener to 32 points, the second field 26 points to lead 94-68。 Today, the road to the unexpectedly tenacious attacks were the Grizzlies, played very hard。
  Grizzlies become the largest alliance of injuries the team, Lord Mark – Gasol and Mike – Conley none can play playoffs。 The first two fiasco, also proved their strength entirely down to leeward。 But to the home of the Grizzlies to show their defensive capabilities to cause great trouble Spurs。   Spurs to 9-2 start, seems to be an easy ride situation。 Grizzlies in the first 3 minutes, only to hit a ball, after more than half of this section, the state they have been enhanced, and Barnes have been hit Randolph, the Grizzlies played 8-0, to tie it at 14-14。 Spurs some relaxation in 3 minutes without a。 But the Spurs defense is not bad, this section last 4 minutes and 42 seconds, they only allow opponents to hit a ball。
Ginobili in this section last moment the ball, hit the pointer by the Cavaliers, the Spurs leading 26-18。
  Leonard in the second quarter start-thirds vote, but also long shot fired back immediately Mufu De。 After the Spurs to 34-21 lead, then nearly eight minutes, the Spurs hit only one ball。 Grizzlies massive counterattack, after play 18-4, 39-38 in one fell swoop to exceed。 This section there are 2 minutes 49 seconds, Leonard was hit the third, but then they frequently do not shoot。
At the end of the half, the Grizzlies to 43-44 only 1 point behind。   Leonard first half 4 from 3-pointers, scored 14 points, 6 points Aldridge 9 rebounds。 Grizzlies fans continue to clamor, and even some opening scolded the Spurs players, this is a season since they are the most exciting time。
  Grizzlies can only rely on the defense, the second half, the Spurs continue to make trouble。
And they also picked up the offensive, after the third quarter began, Barnes and Carter have hit the third, the Grizzlies to 51-48 beyond。 Ginobili also to third again, Danny – Green hit third, leading the Spurs was re。
Grizzlies tenacious attack, then turn than the score。 When more seconds in this section, Jia Maike – Green shot at close range, the Grizzlies scored six points to lead 69-66。 Mills hit a buzzer-beaters in this section, the Spurs still 70-71 behind。
  Grizzlies first score in the fourth quarter to lead 73-70。 Spurs finally force, Leonard hit twice, including a record three, spurs with 9 points, to 79-73 overtake。
Grizzlies fight too hard, exhaustion, Barnes and Stephenson are almost injured, they hit rate declined sharply。
Spurs began to control the situation, the game 3 minutes 08 seconds, Leonard hit two free throws, they lead to 89-81。
  Competition also 1 minute 31 seconds, the third hit Farmar, Memphis will lead into 93-87。 Leonard also outside fire the ball after playing a bit lucky hit, leading the Spurs to 96-87。
After the Grizzlies twice shot, but to accept defeat。
The total score was 0-3, the Grizzlies to a miracle comeback。 (Angkor)。