Fried kidney teach you how to do make authentic Jiangsu cuisine

Sure to dig inside and clean white rib when kidney treatment, or there will be unpleasant taste。
1, kidney rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate and the other containing various, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients, with kidney yang, the role of solid fine Qi kidney promoter。
2, the role of kidney and walnuts fried with a kidney asthma, kidney ,,, for night sweats, some secondary effects embolism。 3, and medlar kidney porridge eating the same applies to kidney disorders, yin and yang deficiency caused by lumbar pain, waist and knees, feet, foot atrophy weak, dizziness embolism。
4, with the sub kidney kidney gas through the bladder, eliminate toxins, the effect only Diabetes。 Useful for treating kidney back pain, edema, deafness embolism。 The crowd pork kidney kidney sub for now eat people very much, pig kidney son is the most valuable, and men and women can eat, especially renal bad people can choose to eat more of the kidney sub-Oh。
Suitable kidney of the people backache back pain, nocturnal emission, night sweats are edible; suitable for the elderly kidney deafness, edible。 High blood lipids, high cholesterol were cut。
Should not eat during weight loss。 Fried kidney how to do grams of food lung and kidney son: kidney, lung are cold food, with food hurt the stomach。 Asparagus and pork kidney: kidney, taste asparagus are cold, easily hurt the stomach with food。
Pork kidney and: cause the body。