Singapore Tianjin Eco-city home to over a thousand financial firms a powerful engine of regional economic growth

  Accelerate the Tianjin Eco-City financial industry gathering, boosting the real economy, to create a good and stable financial environment for the regional economy, the financial industry has become a strong economic growth engine eco-city。
Just a few years, China PICC, China Orient Asset, CCB International, CITIC Group, and other well-known financial firms have settled in Tianjin Eco-City in the new。
  Financial enterprises continued to gather at the same time make a direct contribution to the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city economic growth, but also boost the development of other industries through financial support services, financial industry eco-city driving force of economic growth is increasingly evident。   According to the Tianjin Eco-City Bureau of Commerce Financial Services Deputy Chief of Li Yujie Shao, to make industry and capital in hand, the establishment of eco-industrial city financial service system, efficient allocation of resources, and actively introduce industrial investment fund, continue to attract high-quality private equity funds and venture capital companies in the eco-city gathered。   At the same time, eco-city comprehensive scientific plan and finance the development of new industries, promote the development of new financial private equity funds, financial leasing, consumer finance and e-commerce, accelerate the improvement of capital markets and factor markets, and guide the financial services area real economy, has taken shape financial policy, industrial policy, fiscal policy coordination, multisectoral reasonable to promote industrial development of effective operational mechanism。
  Financial enterprises in the development of eco-city fall also brings high-quality companies in other areas of eco-city。
The past three years, recommended by financial firms and settled here more than 200 companies。   Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Administrative Committee responsible person, in 2018, the eco-city will continue efforts to expand investment banking business, to ensure the steady development of the existing private equity investment, financial leasing, venture capital, micro-credit and other financial companies At the same time, actively explore new financial format, such as: insurance, securities, guarantees, pawn, and constantly improve the eco-city of the financial system, the more financial resources to the introduction of eco-city, nourish momentum, watering the real economy。 (Finish)。