April 14 at home and four major securities newspaper headlines essence of Abstract article

China Securities Journal () SAC Chief Accountant Shen Ying on the 13th at a press conference held in the State Information Office said that in 2017 the central enterprises in the first quarter "a good start", a quarter of the central enterprises realized a total net profit of 2264.200 million yuan, an increase of 26.5%。A combination of factors, opportunities and challenges co-exist this year, will further consolidate the steady trend for the better, but the benefits of growth may be slowing。The next step will expedite the implementation of the strategic reorganization of the central enterprises to speed up the steel, coal, coal chemical industry and other business professional integration。Increase the disposal of "zombie companies' efforts to complete the 300" zombie companies "disposal tasks。    13 General Administration of Customs released data show that in the first quarter, China's GDP 6.2 trillion yuan, an increase of 21 over the same period in 2016.8%。Among them, the export 3.33 trillion yuan, an increase of 14.8%; imports of 2.87 trillion yuan, an increase of 31.1%; trade surplus in 4549.400 million yuan, narrowed 35.7%。Continuation of import and export in the first quarter since the second half of 2016 stabilized to the good trend, import and export value achieved three consecutive quarters up。    The part facing a second-tier cities in the local property market bubble, some market participants had concerns about possible hidden crisis。Industry is one of a number of departments jointly prevention and control of key areas of risk。Expert analysis, with the length of a series of economic policy measures will be introduced in the short term in order to "limit" based regulation will not relax; medium to long term, land reform, large urban governance, multi-level housing supply system construction and other measures will have been put forward, the industry will achieve a soft landing。    A dusty insider trading "voir dire" and then turmoil。May 19, 2016, the SFC website revealed the existence of an administrative penalty of insider trading during the 2014 acquisition of German music and science and technology company's decision。Previously held Delo Technology 13.19% of the shares of PE funds in the Southeast Division discovered, Delo technology in the process of negotiations with the precision of victory in its acquisition of a concealed, resulting in the former German music technology "married" in a month, will be held by Germany Lok Technology all of the shares transferred to Delo, chairman Chen Zhu, and thus missed Delo asset securitization technology wealth feast。    Shanghai Securities News () 2017 People's financial stability work conference held on the 13th。Meeting the deployment of financial stability this year's priorities, one of which is to strengthen key areas of risk prevention, risk further to find out the real, strong regulation of financial chaos, more attention to the risk of cross infection and prevent systemic financial risks。    Foreign trade up 21.8%, year on year growth in electricity consumption of the whole society 6.9%, an increase of 15 railway freight.3%……We are being disclosed in a quarterly macroeconomic data series of good news, or reveal the Chinese economy than-expected quarterly。    Revolves around the concept of male security market restlessness has more than a week April 12 to 13 during the day, as many as 15 male security stocks announcement, abnormal fluctuations in stock trading suspended due to verification, so that the subsequent performance of male security concept adds more more uncertainty。Part of the financing funds chasing the high bid was locked high, the trend of concern related stocks after the resumption of trading。    The controlling shareholder of diving technology on April 10 will be available for 22% stake in the company to 19 per share.50, total 16.The transfer price of 5.7 billion yuan to the natural melting Yu。After the transfer is completed, the listed company's controlling shareholder, actual controller will not change。In this regard, the Shanghai Stock Exchange today issued a Wandong next inquiry letter, focus on just won the 2015 listed companies in nearly 52% stake in diving technology why "rush" stock holdings, the funds come from the transferor, and Is there a follow-up to the two sides re-organization。    Securities Times () just less than two weeks, the CBRC issued seven-intensive documents to prove safety and strengthen risk management and control, and promote banking deleveraging。Assistant Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Yang only said recently, the focus this year, the CBRC is five areas: heavy service (especially of the real economy), anti-risk, strong coordination, make up the short board and governance chaos, to achieve strong supervision of banking institutions, the scope of regulation to achieve the organization, employees, business full coverage。The recent release of regulatory documents are the five specific aspects of the implementation of。    Although more than a dozen males collective security concept stock suspension verification, but not affect another group of male security concept continue to rise。Yesterday, the male section of the second-tier security ,,,,,,,, limit;, like or more than 8%。    Every quarter of the annual report, statistics on dividends of listed companies, more often favored by all types of financial media topics, it becomes even more popular this year。There are generous front payment of 590.7.2 billion yuan cash dividend, after the SFC and the senior leadership of the listed companies' cash dividend "of public statements。These stocks are so past A "long-term profits do not pay dividends," "Gaosongzhuan style pseudo-dividend" gradually subsided, A-share profit distribution of wind direction is changing in a positive and healthy direction。    "Invoice sales seventy percent do not, the ratio has increased year by year, so we can not take over tutoring companies listed。"A decade of senior practitioners on behalf of the sponsor, told the Securities Times reporter。Recently, Guifa Xiang (002,820) published the first annual report after listing, the main cannabis products revenue fell slightly for three consecutive years, sales accounted for over 97% of Tianjin regions in one fell swoop。      Securities Daily () after a lapse of thirteen trading days, the central bank yesterday to restart the reverse repurchase operations。"Securities Daily" correspondent was informed that April 13, the central bank announced that the central bank tender carried out 110 billion yuan reverse repo operations, 7 days, 14 days, 28 days reverse repo operations to 70 billion yuan, respectively $ 20 billion $ 20 billion, respectively winning 2.45%, 2.60% and 2.75%, flat with the previous。At the same time, the central bank yesterday also issued supplementary mortgage loans (PSL) 839 Yiyuan。In addition, yesterday, 40 billion yuan reverse repurchase expires, as well as 217 billion yuan medium-term lending convenient (MLF) expires。    New security concept with male shares on behalf of, A-share market there is a new focus in the second quarter, stock index from 3300 points within a whisker。The industry generally believe that the recent range-bound market, sector rotation significantly accelerated, driven by investor sentiment major theme will be leading the market up further catalyst。    As of April 13, according to statistics, in accordance with the SW industry classification, it has been disclosed in the annual performance of 86 Housing prices listed total liabilities of more than 2.75 trillion yuan year on year growth rate of 25.5%。    April 13, 2017 disclosure of reported quarter, reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 5.6.3 billion yuan, down 1 year.01%; net profit of -695.050,000 yuan, down by 166 year on year.14%; earnings per share -0.02 yuan。Comparison with the company's 2016 results, the company's 2017 first quarter results for the first time in mid-Face。