More and more enterprise groups included in the plan to change the mix CEA application has been submitted | mixed ownership reform

      Source: Economic Information Daily □ reporter Wang Lu Shaohua Sun Ban Juan-Juan Beijing reported an important breakthrough in the reform of state-owned enterprises as state-owned assets, (called "mix change" under) will usher in the upgraded version, especially at the group level is expected to exceed this year's mixed ownership reform。   "Economic Information Daily" reporters learned that during the two sessions, at the same time increase the mix to change and expand the pilot, multiple locations and business mix changes proposed exploration program at group level, China Group Corporation (hereinafter "Eastern Group" under) application has been submitted a report on the company level to promote a mixed ownership reform to the SASAC Party Committee。 As a state-owned enterprise reform in the mix of an important part of employee stock ownership will be further rolled out the pilot at the end of which, Chinese electronic approval of two new pilot employee-owned military enterprises this year。   Mix the pace of change has taken essence show the effectiveness of "mixed ownership steadily promote the reform of key areas to make substantial progress。 "Xiao Qing, director of SASAC central enterprises in 2018, meeting of heads of local SASAC case sum up the past year's work。
  Data show that as of the end of 2017, in electricity, oil, natural gas, civil aviation, telecommunications, military and other key areas, there are three batches of 50 pilot reform state-owned enterprises to be mixed, more than two-thirds of the sub-enterprises at all levels of the central enterprises to achieve a mix ownership。 Among them, the central enterprises in mid-2017 new mixed ownership more than 700 households, the introduction of more than 338.6 billion yuan of social capital through the capital markets。   June 19, 2017, Eastern Airlines China Eastern Airlines Group's Logistics Co., Ltd. announced the introduction of four external investors, Lenovo, ProLogis, Nadu, Shanghai Eastern Logistics Greenland held a total of 45% of the shares, the company also holds 10 key employees % of the shares, the Group equity ratio from 100% down to 45% of disposable。
  "As the central enterprise reform mixed the first batch of the first completed, and achieved very good results, to improve the social and economic benefits get double。 "CPPCC National Committee, China Eastern chairman Liu Shao-yong 4th in the economic sectors of the CPPCC, said group meeting。   The second batch of finalists to change the mix of Chinese Pilot Gold Group Gold Jewelry Co., Ltd. (referred to as "gold jewelry" under), related to progress very well。 "The end of September last year, all the funds have been put in place, are now being actively promoted as scheduled。 When revealed "the CPPCC National Committee, China National Gold Group chairman Song Xin 4th accepted in the economic sectors of the CPPCC group meeting" Economic Information Daily "reporters,。   As China's largest state-owned integrated electronic information enterprises, China Electronic Information Industry Group (referred to as "China Electronics" under) the proportion of its business mix change as 80%, operating profit in 2017 reached record levels。
  "Cooperation and the effect of private enterprises much better than expected, or whether it is the core business of the rapid development of the business mix change effect is very large, such as in the field of information and network security, most fine tip technology is to change the mix , there are many excellent private entrepreneurs in here when our main person in charge。 "CPPCC National Committee, China Electronics chairman Rui Xiaowu 4 on the" Economic Information Daily "reporters。
  Mixed group level change is expected to welcome the breakthrough it is worth noting that this year will continue to work hard to change the mix in the expansion of the breadth and depth。
SASAC Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council, spokesman Peng Hua Gang said, "breadth" that important areas of electricity, oil, gas, railways, civil aviation, telecommunications, military, and other mixed to further promote reform, and in selected central enterprises to promote equity diverse group level of。 The "depth" is meant to promote mixed-ownership enterprises in the capital of the lead, and constantly improve the corporate governance structure, improve market management mechanisms to promote the state-owned enterprises change their operational mechanism。   Song Xin said, according to the unified deployment of the SASAC, with mixed conditions will actively promote change。 Rui Xiaowu also revealed that the electronic information industry is completely open field competition, the future of one hand to accelerate market transformation, on the other hand will further increase the mix to change, the future mix will change enterprises accounted for more than 90%。
  "The current mix is still actively promoting change, the community is more concerned about the mixed group level to promote change, mainly as the representative of China Unicom。
"CPPCC National Committee member, deputy director of SASAC told Xu Fushun 4 at the end of the economic sectors CPPCC group meeting" Economic Information Daily "reporters," mixed aspects of the reform, some financial investments, some of which are industrial investment, we are now more concerned about starting from the supply-side structural reforms to make up the short board point of view, learn some private enterprises operating mechanism。
"It is understood that, at the end of 2017, there were, Shanghai Bell, Hualu Group and other three central enterprises to carry out from the group level to change the mix。
Liu Shao-yong said, China Eastern Group has been filing reports on the company level to promote a mixed ownership reform to the SASAC Party Committee。
In his view, this reform will greatly release energy and people power production, to better serve the country's economic and social development and reform and opening up, especially in favor of the company to better compete globally。   Previously, China Bao Steel Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Wu Ming Wang Hu also said, according to the SASAC and the central deployment, the company will further explore the mix change at group level, the current specific programs have not yet formed。
  Local mix change also extends to the group level。
Liaoning proposed, while promoting the subsidiary level mix reform, support qualified enterprises to carry out state-owned group level to change the mix, mixed provincial enterprise group level change to make a breakthrough。
  CPPCC member and deputy director of the Shanghai Lin Yibin SASAC recently in an interview, also said Shanghai state-owned enterprises to change the mix of work two levels, one mixed group level change, change by promoting mixed enhance the Group's competitiveness, and promote the overall market, and second, SSAC given direction, set rules, such as share etc details, but insisted that market principles, pushing mix change。   ESOP reforms will be rolled out employee stock ownership has always been an important part of state-owned enterprise reform mixed。
August 2016, "on the state-controlled mixed-ownership enterprises to develop employee-owned pilot" issued after November SASAC selection of the 10 sub central business enterprises to carry out pilot ESOP。   "Safe start, good start, the preliminary results show。
"Lin Qing, deputy director of SASAC Reform Bureau Miao said that as of early February this year, has completed the first phase of the pilot enterprises investment shares。
As at the end of November 2017, there are 22 provinces and autonomous regions provinces have developed operational methods of employee stock ownership, implementation details, 27 provinces and 158 ESOP companies are to carry out pilot。
  When the CPPCC National Committee, Huaneng Group chairman Cao Peixi 4 to accept the "Economic Information Daily" reporters in the economic sector group meeting said on the sidelines of the CPPCC, mixed change in an orderly way, employee stock ownership are two enterprises pilot group。   The Chinese electronics companies established in the traditional equity incentive mechanism, while the introduction of high-end talent for the industry enterprises to implement new mix change in the import of resources and institutional transformation "both mixed together again," the real structural adjustment and market transformation purposes。
"At present the Group's pilot employee-owned enterprises has reached 60。
New this year for approval of two pilot employee-owned military enterprises, is still waiting for approval。
"Rui Xiaowu revealed。   2018 central enterprises, local SASAC meeting of heads raised, will summarize the state-controlled ESOP pilot experience mixed ownership system at the end of the year, to expand the scope of the pilot, the establishment of long-term incentive constraint。
  "Economic Information Daily" reporters learned that Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangxi and other places are actively promoting employee-owned in 2018, Shandong, Hunan, Liaoning and other provinces have also proposed to change the mix while exploring the Employee Stock Ownership pilot, which clearly Liaoning It said it will test the water in the 10 employee-owned companies。