Do not make an appointment next life you love is dying ruthless

I know that your words for the Iraqi people-intensive I know your love for the Iraqi people know I burn your picture in shining for the Iraqi people but yeah you know your dedication betrayed you should have the feeling that you can also wonderful so Iraqis had to pull off to let you give up the decisive break away from the screen fade Iraqis of you know that this is a rising feeling of who will make desolate heart who dreams into mourning who will make who experience chest jealous betrayal nine ileum you can recall that she was the most beautiful bride you even though you are still obsessed with Iraq who met through the screen still leave your shadow in the night sometime despite a sentence why the Iraqis echoed in the ears Iraqis still harbor quiet then because the Iraqis the original mind is always calm even though those day and night, accompanied by Iraqis but also to make you reluctant to forget just how can this situation rising gradually evolve into another person's injuries do not know a coincidence or fate is a gift of God or fate let you and Iraqis since the Red entangled indifferent it only your pillow talent to give you a warm stay forever with life if you are still persistent dedication of this mirage Indulge in this illusory feeling of dismay from the Iraqis really what you want to read then please promise good and love around to have a good life if you really look my next life if your next life you still recognize the Iraqis if the next life really meet before Iraqis would not get married now dedicated her tightly students must do your best to follow her lovely bride also your life Half of infatuation but must remember not to like this life so attached next life Red Phantom encounter on the road and do not put a appointment next life you love is dying ruthless