Goldman Sachs: 3 major changes will be made to the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this week

Night network, network nightlife Wall Street News Beijing 14 morning news, on Wednesday (GMT Thursday morning) the Fed will hold a meeting on interest rates, the Fed is widely expected to open nearly 10 years, the first rate hikes。Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs) expects the Fed will be raised to 0 on the federal funds rate target range.25-0.50%。  Goldman Sachs said in a report: "Because of this action is essentially fully reflected in market pricing among the market focus will be the policy guidelines after 2016 and Beyond。"Goldman Sachs chief economist Hatzius and his team are expected, in addition to interest rates, this week's Fed statement will be three major changes occur: raised its assessment of the labor market。Since October last meeting of the Fed, appeared to accelerate the pace of job creation。October 2015 was the best month of new jobs in the United States, November data also exceeded expectations。Job creation accelerated to 25 per month.50,000。Therefore, the wording of the Fed statement will be changed to "accelerate the pace of growth of employment" instead of "slowing down"。Forward-looking inflation correction。Goldman Sachs expects the Fed will closely monitor the inflation situation is rejected on the cautious wording。Goldman Sachs also predicted that the next few months, the Fed's most important inflation gauge core PCE inflation will rise year on year, due to decreased health care costs are no longer counted up。With the Federal Reserve into the normalization process, the inflation target is very important to run。Therefore, the Fed said it will continue to have "reasonable" confidence。The Fed will now start talking about looking for a true "inflation targets" rather than "inflation" index。Manufacturing is expected to raise interest rates for the future。After Wednesday, the market focus will shift to the pace of future rate hikes。The Fed has said the rate hike is not disposable, the pace of rate hikes for the progressive。However, in order not to be bound by its own wording, the Fed may not be "progressive" policy statement which added the word, but economic forecasts at a press conference which will be sent the same information and。  (Tony compilation)