Neymar was played out Marcelo!Buttocks head was stuffed eggs are not immune

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 14: World Cup opening soon, the Brazilian team is training for the final Sochi, this Brazil team atmosphere is very good, a detail to see that, on the training ground, Neymar is actually teammate "spoof", was the head knock eggs, which makes Neymar looks very embarrassed。 Brazil have a bunch of clown, which makes them very good atmosphere, Marcelo is one of them。In the training ground, Marcelo and Neymar start talking and laughing, but then, the Brazilian left-back began to spoof Neymar, he pulled tightly Brazil first card, also suspected something stuffed Neymar the shorts (suspected egg)。Not only that, when Marcelo "uniform" Neymar, in addition to a player come on immediately, holding an egg in Neymar's head knock up, but this is a raw egg, suddenly, the head of Neymar on it appalling that such a spoof, let the sidelines of reporters and fans amused。Coincidentally, Neymar is likely to be "self-inflicted" in training June 12's, ushered in the birthday Coutinho also enjoy such treatment, when they are training, but with teammate Neymar surprise attack Kuti Mourinho result, libraries are the head of a bird eggs。Today Neymar also experienced such embarrassment, and the mastermind behind the scenes whether it is Kudiniao?Barcelona midfielder does have a lot of suspicion。