Cherish the memory of youth

REVIEW: university, I am really tired, sleep tossing and turning at night, looking at the stars, still the heart of the world, I suddenly felt the era of accelerated pace of life, but also created a happy displaced era.  April campus, green Liufu wind, flowers stained twilight, the cold ray of sunshine in the past, the burning period of solitude into text.    What college life just over two years, the experience seems century reincarnation.    Once thought that as long as the front of the meteor, wishes come true, and now understand the reality, the reality is that the financial crisis who did not give you a clear grasp of the future, the reality is impossible to put the glass slipper Cinderella sitting in the carriage to marry the prince.     Used to think the world is beautiful, and everyone with a smile from the heart, now hidden behind the smile might be endless tears, it may be that you can not imagine the brutal — everyone is a shrewdness, you never see through once thought that people around can close, and now I understand clearly in sight, may be the distance between the long and arduous journey —- so the university I had lost, long ago, with dull eyes looking at the sky, with ice-cold indifference the eyes of the world; there have been pain, remember that heartbreaking biting, piercing the bone marrow seems to be only bear the pain alone; there have been repressed, Nanjing accustomed to lingering haze in the sky, gradually I swallowed the world, nowhere to escape —– complex environment, I have changed, complicated, and sometimes even feel strange – —- University, I am really tired, sleepless night tossing and turning in , looking at the stars, still the heart of the world, I suddenly felt the era of accelerated pace of life, but also created a happy displaced era.    Under dim lighting, a cup of tea, turn the hands of the book, is still so touching novel, still so perfect ending, this is not me sad woman, with tears dripping but always inadvertently, perhaps, for me, really University is a repressive environment, perhaps I would want to cry.    The dead of night, former classmates and friends I miss, miss that clean and pure Chol, without a little smile —- magazine tried to contact former classmates, friends, everyone is busy with their own future, not many respond.I suddenly felt already a Pentium III, and youth is past, it has become a no solution of the equation, in the end what I used to make up?I think I can do nothing.    Please allow me to dust settles, buried in the past with silence.    Perhaps changing times, some things, some people do not have to go back, do not go precipitate.Its sad memory of youth goes, it is better to have come to a better mind in my heart, memories of the permanent collection, it must return to the more like wine brewing more pure.    I pay homage to the past, I cherish today, looking forward to my future.Because I want to live happy.    Like this document to my former classmates, friends!Although today we are apart ends of the earth, but the classmate who share feelings, good memories will condense into you forever in my heart, through the secular, spanning over the years![Editor: Yuet Wah]