Courtyard feelings

REVIEW yard early autumn, still scent the air, although some of the flowers are not so expensive, but still familiar flowers will be brought back memories of my infinite!Courtyard corner of the flowers, the grass, and hard work that leaves, are recorded every yard of this bit by bit.. This is an early autumn day.Annual Lunar New Year July 15, here we commonly known as Halloween, so that every time people have rushed out of the house to worship ancestors activities!  About two months did not go home, the way back home, inside the heart always has unlimited reverie, both sides of the field corn, sorghum, soybeans are heading in!    Years wind, quietly leave in the summer, so with a hot love again quietly past us, but this is so hurried, time and time again overturned memories of our lives!  Back home, it is already five in the afternoon, the yard a light green, sunset reflection, the familiar scene once again brought back memories of my yard this!  Here, I had left a childhood, adolescence footprint, although some impoverished life, but the share of good memories still be my deep nostalgia for the yard!    The yard is not big, long with a variety of tree children, there are apple, pear, peach, walnut and jujube trees do, in early autumn, has small fruit trees laden with red fruit, small fruit like memories of the years one notes, in the flow of time, the fragrance exudes waves!    May be the reason for a long time did not go home, standing in the middle of the yard, his mind constantly flipping through this little man and yard-related, and traveled all things!  No matter how far a person, no matter how much road to go, how many memories, some things can not always let you forget, the hometown of the text is such a smarting!    Such is life, since leaving home to work in a foreign land, the home of a small courtyard becomes a character in my dreams, often in alone, I will not help but think of these landscapes left in the road of my life!Dull, full of wonders, but the share simple, but they create a beautiful memory of a childhood innocent smile occasionally still share this memory read!    Standing in the yard among the aspen tree in the corner attracted me, tall, stands above the courtyard, like an umbrella, shielding the yard special JANSEN!I remember the time contained poplar tree, when I was seven years old, my father planted side of his mouth, and so on after the tree grew, give us a house, day after day, I had high poplar tree house, like is a sentry standing in the yard, fearless tired, stick to it, to give me a deep attachment!    Some say stick is a gesture, in this flashy, anxious times, as long as you always adhere to their own preferences and ideals, not even if we do not wish, for as long as we adhere to uphold the spirit that can call themselves king!    Suiyueruge, recall and poplar tree while carrying too are not present, only the poplar tree also still stands tall in the corner of the courtyard, many years later, at the river’s prosperity and Fallen flowers , regardless of wind and rain confront, poplar tree in the yard, always adhere to a posture of life, and now, in the face of this tree, once again reminds me of the attitude of a person to do things, a person’s life is ever-changing especially in such an era, if we stick to a bland mood down really it is not an easy thing!Perhaps the stick down, the king is a life!This question reminds me of a sudden the man implied in the words of significance!    Early autumn yard, still scent the air, although some of the flowers are not so expensive, but still familiar flowers will be brought back memories of my infinite!Courtyard corner of the flowers, the grass, and hard work that leaves, are recorded every yard of this bit by bit, look back through the years one by one, they began to slowly feel, every one of the original promise , every feeling, every song, every section of memory, are a record of my growth!    Perhaps immersed in a memory of the reason, but unknowingly time flow away from the side, the sun sets the night quietly fell on me, with no sound, but in the afternoon the foot of the mountain, I do not know when it was coming frogs, the breeze blowing through from the side, again and again looted during the day had to remain in the body odor of sweat Unit!    Not pleased, not to have compassion!They do not take Yunjuanyunshu, contemplation Huakaihuaxie, this is with me through childhood small hospital, so my life left a deep imprint footprints in this world!My dream and love, my sanity and chaos, have in the yard root, sprout.After this went on, every time into the cradle of childhood, the mood will gradually calm down in turbulence, the back all the way through with the traces of those who were clean and shallow footprints, record life bit by bit and fleeting, sunlight and shade, reflection of the sorrows and joys, the night is young, stroking rain, Hsiao Hsuan windows, walk across the month when Iraqis return home?My mind constantly give birth to such words!    Last year his father, and this year has gone, this world, much love, much love, said scattered on the loose, only this small courtyard, after many years still remember a picture of familiar faces, familiar with that one figure, that of a part of the familiar feelings.