Deep winter, heating

A depth of winter, only Liu Tsui and water, disappeared, leaving only the plain sober, there are several flower leisurely clouds on the sky.    Throughout the winter, no snow north, the north wind also has not been resting.An day light, warm light.The new calendar was replaced, and how many have not torn page, just turn a few, and since a few characters in simple, you can see the words of the Chinese New Year.    Even in the north, readily grasp, you can put the sun in the palm grip.Is a lazy day, from morning to night, eat, watch TV, go to bed.This is the case over the northern winter.Is a busy part of the spring, summer and autumn, the cold season for rest and recreation will.    The return of a long car ride, is already noon, the genial warmth of the sun, people instantly delusional.Get off not long after, my father drove up, did not speak, into the luggage compartment, I take a good look, the car upside down, return along antecedents.    If you remove the mother accident, I was halfway back in time a week, a full two years, I have not stepped into this aloof, quiet and warm small towns.The sun, the breeze blowing the wheat, layer upon layer of green wave has spread, no end, no matter from which point of view, can bring the most simple, most essential moving.    Perhaps I need is so moved.Flashy appearance, the most pure, the most there is a real way.I know it’s far away, like narrowing his eyes, and depending on when the winter sun, the warmth of the pupil is very short, it may at least be existed.    Like sunset mature and stable, is about to come and distant, walking very gentle, very thin very thin yellow, also implies wisdom.    What can be restless?Mother’s vegetable patch, parsley has grown very lush, and green cabbage growing too carefree, even flying a few sparrows are too lazy to stop bickering on the wire, looking for food on a few, then, fly back to the nest, feeding juvenile birds.    Water in general and not be slow, usually stable.Jujube bare branches of the setting sun, was about to leave, remained in the twilight sky, the dim light falls on remote villages and wheat fields, has to fall very far, far away.    Bird gray pug sitting quietly, the sun in its eyes and began the trek.Nest on a haystack small cat, is squinting nap.Perhaps the wind at this time too, but my brush, forgot to bring back.    Winter is so stubborn, bright, quiet and some sneak silently.      Two moonlit night, no deduction windows, the story will be marching moonlight walk.    Such depths of winter, even if there is a moonlight night, not suitable for a walk in the alley, some of the cold, and then some of the quiet, if not go out, across the window, winter can smell some of the flavor.    Looking over the moon, we entered the village, through the town, they fall silent, Tian Ran, and even some cute.For a long time, have not been so meticulous, quietly watching her, that loves flying in the fall dandelion little girl lost on the trail home, forget the taste of thoughts.    Moonlight, it has been flowing along the trail, perhaps you can still see fragments of the story.    That day, sitting room east wing, fine, clear mother talked about a month ago, in the county hospital had surgery.I heard, I was surprised.At that time I was away working in the field, we did not get any messages, and after the Spring Festival to go home, his mother has been discharged ten days.That moment, the heart is full of pain, I did not ask, she could not bear to blame.    More than a year ago, when skating, arms and broke into a comminuted fracture, a small hospital X-rays taken at night people do not watch, full of pain all night, the next day went to the hospital bandaged plaster.This, after plaster removal of month, aunt home from Wuxi, inadvertently slip of the tongue, the mother just called and asked me.    Love, then cared about, thinking about, so many times, what are reluctant to talk, only wish well to each other, unencumbered, always at ease.    Friends say, I’m getting a quiet.In fact, I know, to weed out the impetuous, after noisy, so of their own, in the sun, you can hear the sound of the years.That occasionally mischievous, restless girl, only suitable in front of a handful of people, would be a lie, kids, because they know how understanding and forgiveness.Some experience afterwards, suddenly know that the real hello to people that do not mind these, only duplicity of the people, will never care about concessions.    Time like this, on the one hand something to you, on the one hand makes you learn to cherish some of.Go, leaving, not just as simple fate, perhaps, Zen, is yet to come.    The moonlit night, by moonlight quiet, listen to Zen Bar.Some stories, some of the experience, and only to quiet, to the Buddha, to make their own, more Qing Ji; faint of life is to abandon the distractions, your heart will jump out from Unnecessary years, to find yourself.    Wind down, the moon swing a few times, someone’s dog barking a few times, then silence, then entered the village ambush.    Three cold, quiet, elegant, my feelings of snow, is also her.    Fall in love with a good mood, largely because she, for some time, almost every day to go to her hut, tea, moon, read the word in the fly.Every time I go, are silent, no comment, someone else’s story, even though consciously read through again, are not easy to comment, after all, not personal experience, the implementation can not be made at.    Actually met in the group, read a prose poem, saw her pen name, they begin to doubt is not the same person, then, to see her opening up in the group, was hastily asked.After a few words, we know, it is the same person.Excitement of the heart, is do not have words to say, they added a Friend.    Netease open for six months, how no one cared, will copy several text Think of hair up, then he turned to leave.She was there when miss, go there to see her, still quiet, without a word.    There is a tacit understanding, should be without a word, a lot of things that thoroughly, it is better not to say, very often, maybe just a brief negative and lost, by the warm words to nothing.    As I stepped into the network to write, like, just because someone else a word, put a lot of time to polish the text, noisy, self-willed, eventually let some experience bald, little girl, and finally learn to quiet down, so that the days as with distant water, quiet.    Later, many of the group are back.Before exiting the country editors, I went to see her – static sister.I searched all societies, did not see her figure, and later, in an article in a good mood, learned that she might leave.After exiting the country, a lot of friends in the country are also removed, I want to restore calm in the past, the intrigues of the battle, I do not fit.    After, I am a very vexatious reasons, completely out of his world, that the wind was light and uninhibited Fu.The moment of decision, heart Tide.    I said, never to return, the courage to go down.    Ping sister told me when talking about a boy, I smiled, for the network of emotion, really is a fine, clear.Too busy looking at the eyes, I just smile light, in the past, but a dream, from which I see a lot, a lot of bearish.    But the text is by heating a small woman, and the network, maybe just let the mood of the deposit space.If the site can not be avoided harsh, then select receded, there is always one small world, let your mind be secure.Those who accompanies us, even without a word, when my heart is warm home, specifically to a few quiet words with my sister back, quiet night to read, heart dough, very warm.The network meet, the feelings are very real, has been quietly go, as long as time has been a quiet warm, peaceful.    This year, the North did not snow, I was faced with a snowflake-like woman, this season, carries a suitable crystal, go snooping text heartbeat, feeling warm in the text.    I am waiting for spring, March wind, blowing can be passionate peach charming, graceful season’s style can.Years fragrant, I just, you bookmark a piece of paper, they begin, if smile that spring, is warm.    Night, trance to do a dream, the sky snowflakes, my footprints covered in the alley north.Silence still, time is the wind blows, some light, some light again, my flowers, it has become white and smells, distant.    So, let the wind and let the rain come, the time has been coated in white, I do not need to fear.    Put pen to paper to date: / 2014 one of the twenty-eighth of text / evening drunk shallow dream QQ: 2456636523