Dongting Lake wind

Asparagus on favorite Dongting Lake in the spring, as if overnight, blowing green willow lake, Lake Island.Rippling lake water, a layer of the green layer disseminated.From the levee, ship, anywhere in Lake looked up, eyes green.If this is the master of nature dripping ink Dan, I wonder if he is named “Spring Dongting” or “Dongting Green Man” or simply “Spring Green Dongting”.  Northern Song Dynasty poet Lin Sheng ah really a genius, a “smoked” word, Road to make spring intoxicated.Flick to fine, warm, warm like a mother, like a gentle lover.People eyes narrowed slightly, intoxicated, which also control What is lake?What King?  Wind blowing through the leaves, the leaves waved his hand, slowly stretch; the wind blowing through the branches, the flowers open Taohua Yan, shy blooming; the wind blowing through the fields, golden canola flower can not wait to dance with this messenger of spring; brushed side ditch , unknown wild flowers, weeds surrounded dressing.Wind blowing through the village, the children’s laughter as Braun exhibition throat, the oriole Valley, pretty girls face floated two Red Cloud, the guy who instantly Dai Li goose, old people flat mouth humming a song without words, leaning on a stick , heard someone looked at, or just rickets in the back, far from listening to the village after another lively and wanton chat.  Swallow linger looking for had left traces of last year, little by little, title Enriching the soil, new home base, or stand facing the spring on the wire, cheerful twitter, it seems that in the discussion, it seems singin ‘.  The children always longing for spring, is looking forward to.Slightly warmer, while adults do not pay attention, he took off his heavy coat, catch up with the river on the beach and rolled on the grass Dibian, running with a kite in the Island Lake fire road and sky.Boys and girls are also looking forward to the spring breeze blowing, doing plenty to keep the kids envious, jealous people make big things.  Teens, girls just where to stop, that is, the hearts of the boys scenery, though elusive.  The boys like pandering male peacock, hoping to teach himself all the good impressions, whether or not girls favorite, lit rough noise door growled song no one understood, and vent their restlessness caused due to the spring.  While it is not as good as the people of the Lake District on the prairie as singing and dancing, but also clueless dance in the spring concerto Island Lake man’s unique Spring Waltz, the sky flying Yanghwajin considered stage effects.  By the spring gradually warm to hot, lakeside scenery in the summer wind’s urging, turned dark green, lush, Huzhou people seem to not care in the summer wind blowing, simply afternoon or evening watching the horizon piled thick clouds, etc. the door, cypress poplar levee edge “crashed” tell them windy.  Soon the wind comes up, the children burst into crazy wind, regardless of Feishazoushi running call report “windy, like rain.”; The men took off his shirt, bare chest, calm and work out root cigarettes, another by fire, or sit, or stand together in wait; women against the wind pick up uncollected crops or clothes, the wind just blew unlined blown close to the body; the old people Pushan inserted in the waist, raising his hand covered her brow, facing the sky. “the wind got up anxious, nor cloud, I am afraid no rain falls.”At this point random chatter lakeside willow, poplar bent over, reeds on the lake Island as soldiers lined up together whispering to Huer turn left, turn right Huer.The lake is the most shameful wave of summer wind, it has “to be able to open three-point color dye-works” personalized, rose up, “the snow piled up a thousand” – like, enjoy the fun of those who have not come back to Hong Kong ship..Or, more bluntly, laden with heavy rain Pilibala come, the children went to the main room of the cold plate, tummy watching the rain hit outside ruined and suddenly make a shiver, bare arms plays goose bumps , Lianhu: “mom, I wear long-sleeved clothes, the cold.”Great people heard, funny paradox curse:” Only you, now less points Bao, June day, the wind will put your cold dead?”Actually, the most interesting is the ‘JINWOZI wind’ (scientific name: ‘Tornado’).First saw a small pile of feathers, paper and other trash in the floor of the lighter in the name of laps, then gravel, adding a small stick, adults suddenly pull a child, scare them, “Do not go near, it is JINWOZI wind, when the wind you can roll into.”” Roll into to do it, I do not fly overhead?”” Yes ah, you are fly overhead, and the wind stops, you killed this guy.”Some people have seen a tornado on the lake, roll down a small fishing boat; it was more marvelous to say: One day a year, tornadoes Dongting Lake, the lake many fish roll heaven, son down for a long time embankment fish shrimp rain, exactly how the facts have been unable to verify, regardless of jump to listen to strike.  Gradually becoming cooler summer wind blowing slowly even “hot autumn” has passed, I do not know day from the beginning of the water inside the embankment already bare cedar, Diwai deciduous forest heavy anti-wave seems to have never been swept away, if you do not see those who have no green shoots.Reeds do not know when to start Qinghuang phase, when they are left on a greenish yellow wore the gray clouds like a reed flowers, no one noticed, except those birds perched in the reed marshes.People only know put away the golden rice fields, a cream lower and lower, you have to enter the mountain reed.  Although the “Fruitful”, autumn is the most rewarding season of the year, the total does not like “Autumn”, presumably not like the ancients, if not “playing the autumn” come from?Although yellow orange, red maple leaf.Autumn chill, it makes the water incessantly beating the shores of endless complained: “Winter is coming.”Reeds on the lake has not yet finished harvesting, strong and cold winter winds drilled all the gaps, roared beating people’s doors and windows closed, trembling cold windowpane.When they go out, people cling round clothes, hate it with contempt back, can in any case, Dongting Lake is nothing blocking winter winds, with its wayward lake damp, people feel cold.  Lives in Lakeland cottage behind the house is on the lake lotus pond once bustling port, it is due to move into the early summer, when the wind blows, outside the ship hit the boat, the waves immediately following the waves, the doors and windows open, the daughter of Mr. and Zhirang ” cool “, which is Dongting Lake wind-given natural air conditioning.  In winter, the lake because of the rear window, windy aluminum windows due to vibration and buzzing, and sometimes even sound “whining” and, as Guikulanghao, let me horror.Originally the home is not cold, because listening to this terrible wind, suddenly felt cold hands and feet, cuddle all day long in the firebox not want to move.Mr. laugh at me, like a mother bird lazy cat in the kitchen at home.  When the wind even want to, but fortunately now live in thatched houses are not ah, otherwise I do not know where to find the wind blows away the grass, because front of the house, behind the house is a lake, rolled thatched certainly did not pick up the kids next door, certain He fell in Dongting lake.  The great poet should not enjoyed Dongting Lake winter wind in the lotus pond port, or else do a “hut Dongting Lake winter winds have broken” and not more bleak.Of course, reinforced concrete structure of the house will not be broken by a mere winter winds.Though not very warm, but very strong, so I can calm shrink in the firebox Xiaxiang.  When winter winds carrying snow flying, I was very diligent went outside and whipped snow dancing together, but deep footprints proof, and did not imagine the light, so the snow scared for a long time to be a rare trip.Unfortunately, ah, did not adequacy, failed to fit perfectly with nature, we can not be affiliated to the elegance of this cottage named “Wind Yin Xiao Zhu”.Not need to know from which direction the wind blows, nor do they need to know the wind is from the sky in which the rupture hole pouring out, but do not need to know which season blown away.As long as occasionally playing tea to a mutual and poetry, even if the names are real characters.Of course, to close perceived the wind on the lake, it is necessary to take a boat on the lake, despite the wind and waves and percussion, just enjoy the experience, and I for some reason, not adventure, only in the Dongting Lake “Hear the Wind Sing”.